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Internet Solutions’ (IS') Carrier Business Unit provides last-mile physical connectivity. This is done through our last-mile agency relationships with other providers by offering selective self-provisioning. Last-mile connectivity is provided through fibre, wireless, satellite and GSM-based technologies.

  • IS Fibre
    Internet Solutions’ fibre offering provides point-to-point connectivity for data and voice networks via secure and dedicated circuits with minimum latency and optional full redundancy.We offer services on our own infrastructure, or facilitate the...Read more
  • Neolink
    Internet Solutions has a wholesale agency relationship with Neotel to offer a number of Ethernet products.   As part of this relationship with Neotel, IS is able to provide NeoLink and NeoMetro-E solutions to clients that fall outside of the...Read more
  • VSAT
    Internet Solutions' VSAT offering allows clients to extend their VPN network into Africa via a dedicated “always on” satellite connection. VSAT is a sophisticated communications technology that allows for the use of small fixed satellite antennas to...Read more
  • Wi-Band
    Wi-Band is a Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint wireless distribution service. The solution incorporates high sites that provide transport and services with three functional partitions - client premises, base station and backbone network.It is the...Read more
  • Winet
    The WiNet service from Internet Solutions forms an integral part of our last mile wireless replacement offerings. WiNet operates in the unregulated Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) spectrum range, specifically in the 5.470 - 5.725GHz band where...Read more
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