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Communications remains one of the most expensive line-items on South African companies’ budgets, despite attempts at deregulation and liberalisation. In light of this organisations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the cost of doing business through lowered communications expenditure.
IS has a proud history of driving business efficiency through innovative communications solutions. We enable our clients to do better business by providing converged communications solutions that address business needs clearly.

  • Collaboration
    ​Collaboration tools offer a more convenient way of conducting business in our time-strapped, cost-sensitive business environment. Conferencing and collaborating across boundaries with various stakeholders has therefore become a priority requirement in...Read more
  • Messaging
    ​​In today’s always-on, hyper-connected business environment messaging is no longer just strategic, it is mission critical. A successful business therefore needs sophisticated and scalable messaging tools that provide efficient, rich and secure access to...Read more
  • Voice
    ​Voice over IP (VoIP) is now a mature technology that can offer significant benefit and value to any organisation. Most importantly it is a vital building block for other converged IP-based communication technologies.VoIP over IS (VoIS) delivers inbound...Read more
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