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IS offers a range of solutions for any business need and budget. We offer internet access services with various service level descriptions for corporates and SMMEs that require a premium internet experience, high availability and consistency.
Connectivity is no longer a nice-to-have part of business, but has become a fundamental tool that is critical to business success. Whether connectivity is used for basic e-mail and internet browsing or to access advanced, centrally accessible applications, it remains critical in today’s competitive landscape.
In Africa the number of internet users is growing at a rapid rate. This is driven by the arrival of additional large international undersea cables reaching the African continent, which has resulted in a decrease in international bandwidth costs and healthy competition, enabling more and more companies and individuals to access the internet or increase the connectivity they have already.
The increase in internet users as well as a shift in the way in which consumers are communicating has created tremendous opportunity for corporate Africa to reach out to these users. This in turn has resulted in an even higher demand for bandwidth and the availability thereof among these companies
The types of internet connections available to the market have also evolved to include fixed and wireless technologies and as a result companies are able to achieve much broader geographic access. Unfortunately, the increase in online activity has already led to an increase in security breaches. As a result, corporate Africa is becoming a lot more conscious of the importance of increased security to ensure that company critical data is protected while still allowing flexibility in connectivity.
Internet Solutions (IS) is the market leader in connectivity services offering a wide range of solutions to suit any business need and budget. IS offers a broad range of internet access services with various service level commitments designed for the corporate or SMME that requires a premium internet experience. IS also offers a broad range of ADSL and 3G solutions for businesses that require a high-speed, lower cost internet access solution.
For companies wishing to securely connect various branches across Africa or even the globe, our IP VPN solutions provide highly secure and redundant offerings to ensure availability and response times are optimal at all times.
With the global expansion of African companies, the need to standardise on technologies across all regions is critical. IS enables this through our global reach with physical presence in 14 African countries and on three other continents on the globe. IS is becoming the de facto partner for companies to connect to these regions in order to ensure that security, reliability and availability is guaranteed.
With over 17 years of experience, Internet Solutions continues to successfully grow and manage its connectivity services with over 1 500 clients.

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