Fareast Mercantile Co. Limited puts supply chain management in the cloud

A cloud-based supply chain management system for Fareast Mercantile’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) has been the answer to its expansion into Africa and will support further growth internationally.

As part of its supply chain network expansion into Africa, Fareast Mercantile Co. Limited (FMCL) needed a data-hosting and connectivity solution that would keep up with its rapid business growth. A cloud-based, on-demand service is able to do just this. Providing a unique, flexible and on-demand connectivity solution to each of the company’s 14 locations and vendors in Nigeria, this new structure offers vendors access to pertinent information on the go, wherever they may be.

FMCL leads distribution through Africa

Nigeria-based Fareast Mercantile is the leading supply and distribution company in West Africa, providing logistics services to local and multinational companies in the branded food, household appliance, motor and FMCG industries. Its product portfolio comprises 1,500 stock keeping units and the company has 14 warehouses and office locations across Nigeria.  

Spreading logistics services to the continent

FMCL’s strategic focus is to expand its increasing database of clients so it can reach other parts of Africa and beyond. The company, therefore, needed a data hosting and connectivity solution that would keep up with its strategic needs and rapid business growth.

Unique and flexible connectivity

Internet Solutions designed a tailored public compute as a service (CaaS) cloud computing solution to offer a unique and flexible connectivity service to each of FMCL’s 14 warehouses and office locations in Nigeria. All of these locations now have reliable, fast and seamless connectivity and are able to communicate with each other more efficiently than before. The company’s new servers are hosted in a secure data centre in Johannesburg, which is staffed by highly experienced engineers.

Anytime access to information guarantees customer satisfaction

In the dynamic FMCG industry, cloud solutions provide essential flexibility when responding to changing customer demands. Cloud technology also positively impacts business efficiency and productivity and opens doors to new markets and growth opportunities. The new solution gives vendors, staff and customers reliable and remote access to the information they require, from any location, at any time. With an on-demand framework, FMCL also only consumes virtual resources as needed.

FMCL can now invest more resources in its new business prospects, all the while having better visibility of the entire organisation and providing the same level of customer service enjoyed by its current customer base. FMCL’s quality of service is not hindered by the company’s growth but rather enhanced by it.

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