As the primary tool for business communication, email is a firm favourite with cybercriminals. Our client provides comprehensive email security services to protect individuals and organisations against growing threats – and needs robust infrastructure to do so. Internet Solutions has been a strategic partner to the business for several years. Our sophisticated, high-powered and highly redundant data centre deployment allows the client to store and secure emails for hundreds of businesses across the country, and will accommodate ever-increasing volumes of email as the business grows.

Keeping businesses and consumers safe – one email at a time

As a business that specialises in cloud-based security, archiving and continuity solutions for corporate email, our client is no stranger to the opportunities and challenges an increasingly digital business world presents. Email is still the primary tool for business communication. It’s also a firm favourite with cybercriminals, which makes email security a top priority.

Our client provides security services that work behind the scenes to protect employees from cyberattacks like phishing and ransomware. In addition, they offer enterprise customers a perpetual email archiving service (99 years) and the ability to quickly search, find and retrieve emails in storage to ensure business continuity.

Expanding data storage without building data centres

Every email protected and archived under this service increases the amount of storage required. And as more clients come on board, this requirement grows exponentially. Our client needed infrastructure that could accommodate the ever-expanding volumes of emails in its custody and the onboarding of new clients – all while ensuring it can uphold its high standards of security and performance.

For most organisations, the cost of building, maintaining and hosting data centre infrastructure of this nature far outweighs the business benefit. As one of our largest hosting clients for some time, they decided not to build and maintain their own data centres and opted for a colocation model instead. IS was chosen as one of their strategic partners with a specific focus on providing both end-to-end data centre infrastructure and the specialist services to manage it.

Data centre deployment that is built to last

Two years into the partnership, it was clear that the existing deployment of racks would have to increase by at least 150% within the next two years, which would require a massive 1.3 MW of power. This kind of deployment demands not only sophisticated data centre management, cooling, power, server management, hardware, cloud, networking, and security systems but also the expertise to run them.

To ensure high redundancy, like-for-like services were deployed in two separate data centres, with two 10GB connectivity links and three paths connecting the facilities to mitigate the risk of losses or downtime – both of which would have devastating consequences for the business and, of course, its clients.

Security is a key component of the solution: from biometric access control to firewalls, IS ensured that network security, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and unified threat management systems were in place.

In addition to supplying the underlying infrastructure, IS manages all crucial aspects of the data centre. The IS Smart Hands service also provides hands-on-deck support if hardware or structural changes are required.

Strategic growth that stretches across the continent

Our existing levels of service, and significant and ongoing investment in data centre infrastructure, gave the client the assurance that IS could meet the rigorous specifications for the environment and accommodate their growth over the next five years.

Today they have a high-power-density deployment of over 200 racks hosted with IS, which is likely to increase based on the success of deploying our cybersecurity products. By bringing together our shared knowledge on the opportunities and innovations in the data centre and security space, this project helped store and secure countless emails for hundreds of businesses across the country – saving them from financial and reputational damage.

Strategic partnerships like the ones we foster with our clients are mutually beneficial, enabling both companies to expand operations in their respective areas of expertise. As one of this market leader’s trusted suppliers, IS will continue to invest in business-critical infrastructure that gives its clients a secure base from which to expand their operations within South Africa and throughout the rest of the continent.

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