SA Innovation Summit goes global

The SA Innovation Summit took its event to the global stage with a live-streaming solution that used audio and visual tools to offer real-time interaction to a virtual audience.

South Africa’s premier innovation event brings together a wide spectrum of people from across the country and beyond its borders to showcase success stories in innovation, share lessons learnt, connect with fellow innovators and be inspired by those who keep on innovating. We helped the SA Innovation Summit’s organisers to increase the reach of this annual event app by using live-streaming technology to connect to a growing following.

SA Innovation Summit an annual highlight

The SA Innovation Summit is a platform for nurturing, developing and showcasing South African innovation. Annually, the Summit offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs, innovators, thought-leaders, policy makers, inventors and investors to drive innovation in South Africa and inspire sustained economic growth. There are various lead-up events during the year and the main event, a highlight of the South African innovation calendar, is held in the last quarter of the year.

Event participation: the more, the merrier

Just 80 people attended the very first SA Innovation Summit in 2008. Since then the event has grown ten-fold. In a country with a range of economic, social and environmental challenges, there is great potential for innovation and a growing need for finding creative solutions that have a positive impact on all these areas. Continually extending the reach of the Summit is therefore a priority.

In addition, the Summit itself needs to be innovative, reaching a larger local and international audience. Recognising the constraints and expenses of travelling, the organisers were seeking other ways to connect a global audience in real-time.

Live-streaming increases reach and interaction

Internet Solutions was able to step up to the challenge with a live-streaming tool which could connect people on an international scale and in real-time, thus bringing in a wider and even more engaging audience. Because any number of people anywhere in the world can share an event, the potential reach and rate of interaction are unlimited.

Internet Solutions partnered with Antfarm, our streaming services partner, to provide the SA Innovation Summit with a holistic, interactive and visual streaming solution. Virtual attendees had access to a live feed of the event with both sound and visuals, giving them the experience of being in the room. They could also simultaneously engage with other viewers.

Joining the global conversation on innovation

In 2015, 4,200 local and international delegates attended the four-day event and were able to join the conversation on social media platforms used at the conference. Internet Solutions also provided an archival service that recorded content from the event and published it directly to the SA Innovation Summit’s website, so past information will always be available to new innovators and other interested stakeholders.

By partnering with Internet Solutions, the SA Innovation Summit is connecting innovators and investors globally and enabling the Summit to inspire sustained economic growth.

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