IS. Making the world work better.

We live and move in one of the most exciting industries around. We’re constantly innovating, designing and building for tomorrow. And we’re always evolving in how we make the world work better through our skills, value and contribution.

Last year, we embarked on a journey to evolve our brand to better reflect who we are, where we’re going and the world in which we operate. We remain rooted in who we are, while being fixated on moving forward and conquering new frontiers.

Historically, our logos included connecting lines around the globe – indicating our connectivity – how we connect the world and create communities. But with the birth of new technologies and ways of working (e.g. wireless, SDN and digital everything), we have evolved. We are on a journey to software defined everything and it was only a natural progression that our logo evolved too.

Our new logo has been designed to better reflect who we are and make a statement about our strength and boldness. Our guiding principles are that we build for better, create for community and deliver with the best. That’s IS.

Our brand evolution