When we talk about us, we’re really talking about how we create, build and deliver for our clients.

We do that by sticking to the three guiding principles that have always defined us: create for community, build for better, and deliver with the best.

Create for Community

From our very first day as a young, passionate Internet company, create for community has been at the heart of what we do. Back then, our objective was simple: to connect people using the power of the Internet. Because when you connect people, great things can happen. That’s something we still believe in. We’ve seen how powerful community can be in getting things done and making things better. Our solutions are all about the connections that build relationships, facilitate change and enable growth.

Build for Better

For us to contribute to and participate in a digital-everything world, we have to invest to improve. To build for better. This may be doing things more quickly, more efficiently or more securely. It may be about saving time, saving money or saving energy. Or it could be about increasing productivity or championing and enabling mobility.

Because your performance is as important as our own, we do this without compromising on quality, so you can benefit from the best technology and infrastructure.

You’ll also have the smartest technical, creative, scientific and commercial talent working with energy and enthusiasm to develop innovative solutions, and support and manage the technology platforms you use.

Deliver with the best

We can deliver with the best because we have the best. We see what needs to be done, and we have people with a diverse set of skills obsessed with making it happen, quickly and efficiently.

Create for community. Build for better. Deliver with the best.

This is Internet Solutions.
Simple as that.


Our People

We have diverse skills, personalities and areas of expertise, and one common focus: creating, building and delivering the best solutions for our clients.

Dr Setumo Mohapi
Dr Setumo Mohapi Managing Executive, Internet Solutions

"This is without doubt a place where our people are passionate about what they do - whether it's servicing clients, developing new technologies or building the best competencies in the industry. We believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity and possibility to make the world work better."

Setumo is a highly respected and experienced leader with many accolades and achievements earned holding various positions in both the public and private... read more

Julian Sunker
Julian Sunker Chief Financial Officer

"I love the people I work with, and the variety and challenges each day brings to help us make the world work better."

A chartered accountant by profession, Julian has been part of the Internet Solutions Group for many years having held numerous positions at Dimension Data Middle East and Africa, which included serving as Chief Financial Officer before joining Internet Solutions in 2012 as Chief Operating Officer. In 2017 his role at Internet... read more

Kervin Pillay
Kervin Pillay Chief Technology Officer

“Being involved in underlying technologies that have become so essential to the way people live, work and play on the African continent yet being almost imperceptible to the user is why I love doing what I do at IS.”

As an advocate for using technology to progress and make a positive difference, Kervin fits right into our culture. A telecommunications specialist with over 17 years’ experience spanning fixed, mobile, and IP-based technology... read more

Mayur Soni
Mayur Soni Chief Marketing Officer

“I have always been intrigued by wondrous problems, design thinking and implementing new ideas. Internet Solutions is an amazing place to turn my imagination into reality so more people can experience the possibility of the internet”

A strategic and multidisciplinary marketer with more than 18 years’ experience in leading global projects, Mayur brings to our team particular strengths in Go-To-Market, shaping our brand vision and marketing... read more

Costa Koutakis
Costa Koutakis Chief Services Officer

"We are privileged to work with our clients as well as our amazing crew who want to make a difference every day. We are passionate about making the world work better across all industries, and focus on business outcomes for our clients."

Costa is passionate about enabling organisations and delivering business outcomes. He was appointed as Client Services Director in 2008 and was promoted to Chief Client Officer in 2011. With 17 years of... read more

Soraya Bagus
Soraya Bagus Executive: Human Resources

“The internet has enabled and empowered our crew and the communities in which we operate in and possibilities are endless.  The focus on nurturing our talent and ongoing development of our people allows us to make a difference to our economy and the African continent.”

Technology is enabling a new, dynamic and evolving type of workplace, and with more than 20 years’ experience in human resources, Soraya is supremely capable of nurturing our... read more

Murray Steyn
Murray Steyn Chief Carrier Services Officer

"I love interacting with our clients and connecting the world to Africa."

Murray has worked for ICT organisations locally and abroad, and contributes a wealth of technical, product management, business development and leadership experience to our progressive team. With a head for numbers, a passion for new markets and a solid understanding of the language of technology, he energetically leads our Carrier Services business. In this role, he... read more

Tony Koutakis
Tony Koutakis Chief Sales Officer

"With the correct business, technical and digital support to connect, run and grow their businesses, our clients have the potential to transform industries and economies."

Tony oversees all sales activities for the business, across market segments and products. He believes that our value to clients lies not just in the products and services we can offer them, but also in the way we engage with them at every stage of the relationship. Tony has... read more

Sean Nourse
Sean Nourse Executive head: Consumer

“If the glove fits wear it. I believe there is the right solution for the right need and I want to be the person that finds that fit for you. Technology provides us with so many opportunities to develop or affect a product to resolve a challenge.”

Sean knows a thing or two about delivering high-quality solutions with high-quality service. With a degree in Industrial Engineering, Sean is super-skilled at identifying clients’ needs and finding... read more