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Organisations are changing the way they work – most now have regional, global and virtual teams working across different projects.

Efficient collaboration is essential to high-performing teams. Your team can quickly become discouraged if they encounter collaboration blockers. Here’s how to avoid them.

The days of employees working in isolation are long gone. Today, collaboration is the key to any organisation’s profitability. In fact, the time that employees spend on teamwork has doubled over the last two decades. More time is spent on collaborative activities like calls, meetings, and checking and responding to emails.

A new workplace culture emerges

Teamwork is critical to business performance and productivity. As a result, teams now span multiple locations and time zones, all while working on the same projects at the same time from multiple devices.

Without addressing the collaboration blockers that teams may face across your organisation, your employees will quickly become frustrated, discouraged or even be left out of the loop on important projects and decisions.

In a free e-book, Increase Collaboration Across Your Team, Internet Solutions (IS) identifies four collaboration blockers that your team and organisation may face, and how you can overcome them:

4 collaboration blockers your team may be facing

  1. Collaboration Blocker 1: The high costs of telephony infrastructure and calling
  2. Collaboration Blocker 2: Frustrating and time-wasting meetings
  3. Collaboration Blocker 3: Lack of collaboration tools to connect
  4. Collaboration Blocker 4: Inability to scale teams when needed

How IS can help you to improve collaboration

Businesses need to act fast to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the next era of technology. If they don’t, they risk becoming obsolete in just a few years. To survive, all businesses will have to be digital businesses.

IS provides the tools to grow your business by providing core communications, collaboration and transactional capabilities that you require to increase responsiveness, profitability and competitive advantage. All this, while connecting your operational and business ecosystems wherever they are.

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate enabler for effective collaboration and communications. It’s the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365 and supports your employees’ different work styles while creating a collaborative team dynamic.

By choosing IS as your Office 365 provider, you get even more choice and functionality with the option of adding voice services to the Teams function. We have years of experience in implementing and supporting voice and cloud services.

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