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Here’s an experiment. You receive two emails for a special offer: one from, the other from Whilst both may offer you the same discount, you will likely take one more seriously than the other. Why? Studies show that people who received business emails were more receptive to branded messages than ones from free email accounts. Branded emails are a more effective business marketing tool for your business.

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Here are some of the best reasons to brand your email.

  • Make the best first impression

The very first email interaction that a customer has with your business or brand should set the expectation that you are a legitimate business rather than a small/part-time operation that may be a waste of time and money. As such, when customers receive your professionally branded emails, you build brand reputation and leave a lasting impression.

  • Place your business in a good light

Even if your company has just started out and is quite small, you don’t want customers to get that impression from the emails you send out. When you brand your email, you create the impression that your business can offer the products and service that customers like and expect from an established organisation. Having email addresses for different segments such as billing, info and support will give your customers confidence in your legitimacy and will help you to boost the professional image you are trying to portray.

  • Promote your brand

Every time someone receives an email from you, it is an opportunity for you to promote your brand. This is a cost-effective way of marketing your business. When people read your email, your brand name will appear not only in the body of the email but also in its address. It will hopefully prompt readers to check out your website, and having these things in place will show you have the right level of professionalism.

Email addresses appear in the inboxes of those you email and in other potential places, for example when you comment on a blog, add your email to a directory site or every time you hand out your business card. Every time your email address appears anywhere, you will increase your exposure.

  • Keep it classy

You want your business to be taken seriously and branding your email is one way of ensuring this happens. For example, customers might feel they are entitled to haggle over the price of your offering and try to get your business to throw in a few extras if they think you are just starting out. If you want your email to strike the right chord with customers, then you have to project an image that has the right amount of sophistication. Free email accounts don’t achieve this.

  • Avoid being marked as spam

Businesses are more likely to have their emails marked as spam if they use a free provider. Emails from free providers are more often blocked or flagged than branded emails, which means they are more likely to be read by their intended audience and separated from bulk spam email.

Email branding is really about building credibility and branding. Essentially, it’s the impression your business is portraying to the outside world. And for small companies in today’s competitive market, when you brand your email, you ensure that your business stands out from the rest. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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