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Internet Solutions

Fast forward about 20 years and the majority of people are pretty comfortable with the Cloud. Whether we realise it or not, most of us access it every day. As a result, businesses are starting to better leverage Cloud to create something that meets their specific needs.

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If you’re looking to develop a Cloud-adoption strategy for your business, here are three questions to consider:

What infrastructure do I have at my disposal?

You may have the most skilled IT experts, but if they lack the capacity to handle a large-scale Cloud migration, you’re not going to get it right. It’s essential to determine your Cloud maturity level.

Ask yourself, what shortfalls/hurdles there are between where your current Cloud strategy is and where you want it to be? This is a great way to determine whether or not your business is mature enough to realise its Cloud goals. By doing so, you can also gauge what level of assistance you need to understand your Cloud aspirations and come up with a plan to accomplish your migration strategy.

How does adoption meet business needs and maximise ROI?

An analysis of business goals and objectives will make it easier to decide which apps and data should move to the cloud and which to manage in-house. Once this assessment is complete, a cloud adoption strategy can be developed to align with the company’s vision. And having a detailed map of business goals makes it easier to evolve the cloud adoption plan should markets change. Similarly, the cloud adoption team must be well-versed in all things cloud so that they can make a strong business case for it and determine the ROI for various cloud services.

What governance implications should you consider?

Governance is something you cannot ignore. You need to have a clear understanding of how your present Cloud strategy impacts your existing IT governance policies. In some cases, these governance policies will need to be completely reworked. From accountability and reporting to governance standards, all policies must be adopted to reflect your new situation.

Any serious business needs to get serious about Cloud. But not all Cloud solutions are created equally. With instant access to virtual computing, storage and networking capabilities, we believe that SkyLight is the perfect platform to help your business achieve its growth and innovation goals. Keen to find the best platform to suit your workloads? Why not check out this flowchart to help you decide?

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