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The possibility of a system failure should be a top priority for enterprises. Disasters could include anything from a disk crash to a natural disaster.

When this happens to your virtual environment, it’s not only about data restoration, you need a fully operational environment in the meantime. In others words, you need disaster recovery.

A business's virtual machine runs everything from servers, databases, applications and just about everything else in between. Not every machine is running business-critical operations, which makes it vital to know which servers use the most critical business resources. These machines need to be closely monitored for failure and you need to ensure they are backed up regularly.

Make sure you choose a disaster recovery solution that will work for the needs of your environment. Investing in system backups is like paying for health insurance. You pay for it but hope you never need to use it. But if something does go wrong, you’ll be glad you had it in the first place. In light of this, restoring your data is even more important than backing it up.

Ensure the solution that you use easily restores files according to your environment’s priorities. Also, plan your back-up strategy around your current or future disaster recovery strategy. Good backups are the foundation for any disaster recovery plan. When implementing the back-up solution, test the restore capability so you don’t run into any surprises later when trying to restore critical data.

Support business requirements, no matter what happens

Your company can never be sure when a disaster might occur. If one does happen, how much downtime is acceptable? At today’s business pace – not much. With a disaster recovery system in place, you can be up and running again in (almost) no time, with minimal disruption to your operations. All you have to do is log in to the management portal and initiate a failover to the disaster recovery site.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has a recovery time objective of just eight minutes. For your employees, it will be business as usual because they won’t have to wait hours for systems to become available again or spend days trying to recover or redo work.

No more sleepless nights

To achieve a fast and efficient replication of critical applications and data in your virtual environment, we duplicate the data and send it to our secure disaster recovery (secondary) site. We give you the control to maintain a healthy environment for your data. Reports on the state of your replicated virtual machines and replication performance statistics are available from the management portal. You will always have an accurate view of your disaster recovery environment to help bolster your disaster recovery plan.

While you’re here, it’s never too late to optimise your cloud environment. In this e-book we discuss how to improve server monitoring, managed hosting, cloud-managed hosting and Disaster Recovery as a Service.


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