Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions

In ICT, no single set of solutions can fit every customer’s requirements. This is why it’s important for service providers to offer a wide range of technology solutions.

However, certain products,  take the lead as revenue drivers. Here’s a round-up of our top-selling wholesale solutions and why wholesalers should consider offering them.


Ethernet Private Network (EPN) is a carrier-grade OSI Layer 2 service built for speed and driven by intelligence-based performance. It can be deployed as a point-to-point (PtP) solution or as a point-to-multipoint (PtM) data link, enabling connectivity for any access, metro or core location in South Africa or the rest of the continent. There’s a choice of routes for transferring traffic – international, metropolitan (middle mile) and local (last mile).

Internet Solutions’ EPN is ideally suited for global carriers seeking local reach and a local capability partnership. Carried on the IS fibre network, you can be assured of high throughput and low latency. It’s a cost-effective and scalable bandwidth solution that helps service providers reduce operational and capital expenditure.


MPLS VPN from IS connects your customers with network, Internet and communication services with local and global reach. Our meshed network topology offers optimised traffic transfer with high levels of redundancy and solid security. Different service options are provided to cater for carriers and service providers of all sizes, allowing for a combination of site-to-site, hybrid and IP VPN connectivity. Our MPLS overlay protocol manages and improves data flow, allowing for different types of data to be accorded different priorities and classes of service.


IS boasts an extensive and high-performing data centre network that offers a range of services, from the provisioning of fibre connections to pure colocation, provisioned over our carrier-grade network infrastructure. Our data centres can be regarded as colocation providers and Internet data centres. For colocation, data centre space and infrastructure can be rented and expanded on as requirements grow. We provide a range of rack space options and offer vaulted areas for an additional layer of security.

IS owns the first data centre in Africa to meet the stringent requirements of the NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) and receive prestigious Nexcenter™ accreditation. The carrier-neutral facility is located in Parklands, near Africa’s premier business districts – ensuring minimal latency – and offers world-class levels of service and technological sophistication.


Our highly competitive per-minute rates make our wholesale voice offering an attractive prospect for cost reduction. It serves aggregators of any size or traffic profile with access to our highly secure tier 1 carrier-grade network. IS has direct interconnects to all fixed-line and mobile operators, carries over 22 million minutes (inbound and outbound) and offers two different service options.

For aggregators with an Electronic Communications Network Service (ECNS) or Electronic Communications Services (ECS) licence and numbers issued to them by Icasa, but not their own interconnects, we offer Wholesale Voice for Transit Partners for a fixed transit fee. For those without licences or numbers, we offer Wholesale Voice for Channel Partners. This includes the full range of wholesale voice products and services and the ability to leverage our entire network at volume-based tiered pricing.

IP Transit

Wholesale IP Transit uses our carrier-grade infrastructure with peering partnerships and access to content providers to deliver fast and reliable Internet access to any location. Internet Solutions’ IP Transit is a symmetrical service with dedicated capacity and guaranteed service levels for speed, reliability and availability. This allows end users to enjoy a consistent experience, even as their demands increase.

Consider how these products can enhance your portfolio and how they might complement your customers’ existing solutions with innovative technology to boost their capabilities. A myriad opportunities arise when you partner with the best, so view further information highlighting our capabilities around the world.

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