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Internet Solutions

Our fully interconnected, carrier-grade network allows you to deliver VoIP services of unrivalled quality and dependability to your customers. The wide-reaching coverage our network provides is a substantial advantage for those who want to complement or extend their current VoIP capabilities.

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Our wholesale VoIP services are carried over a robust and secure Tier 1 routing and switching platform that ensures superior call quality, security and redundancy at wholesale rates. Our highly scalable and sophisticated network enables high-volume call termination and origination to landlines and mobiles. It’s an unequivocal progression from legacy systems, offering tangible and significant advantages.

Business benefits

Our wholesale partners can enjoy the enormous benefits of not having to invest in their own infrastructure and skills development so that they can offer VoIP services to their customers. IS has made substantial investments in creating a Tier 1 carrier-grade VoIP network, investments that our partners can now leverage. Through us, those who lack the capital to invest in building a network or establishing interconnect can still serve the market.

A capable platform

All call types are supported by our Wholesale Voice Services – local and international, landline and mobile – at competitive rates. Telcos are allocated a number range with the components of the service they would like to include. These can be changed or added to whenever necessary.

The PortaOne platform, the centralised billing and provisioning platform over which services are carried, makes this easy to do. It also allows for seamless integration with wholesale partners’ equipment and PBXs, while making the creation, management and billing of customers a straightforward and hassle-free process.

For further convenience, we offer Geographic Number Portability to allow users to port their phone numbers from existing service providers. As one would expect, we ensure that access to support is available around the clock.

To complement or extend your current VoIP capabilities over a fully interconnected, carrier-grade network, look no further than Wholesale VoIP from Internet Solutions.

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