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Africa offers rich prospects for business growth with mainly the agriculture, banking, consumer goods, infrastructure, mining, oil, gas and telecommunications sectors holding huge potential.

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The right IT partner will help you open the door to business in Africa

However, engaging with this part of the globe as if it was a single, amorphous entity won’t get you very far.

This is the world’s second-largest continent and is a complex combination of 54 very different countries. Each one has its own opportunities and challenges, cultures, preferences, accepted behaviours and, of course, business practices. If you want to expand in Africa, finding an established local IT partner can help you successfully navigate the new landscapes. That’s one hack for smooth set-up and sustained growth – here are a few others.

Tips to keep in mind when expanding

Master the art(s) of African business

Treating Africa as a single country will not foster positive or productive business partnerships. IS understands that each country has its own set of business rules, regulations and nuances that need to be understood to expand into their respective markets.

Plan for infrastructural inconsistencies

Infrastructure differs by country – you will need to plan for some inconsistencies. Roads, power and telecommunications can vary significantly across regions and must be accounted for when formulating expansion plans. At IS, we have a solid understanding of the regions to help you build your African presence.

Forge strategic relationships

Partnering with local enterprises is key to the successful opening of new offices or branches in Africa. At IS, we develop long-standing relationships with our clients to demonstrate our commitment and continuous on-the-ground presence, both of which are essential for creating business continuity on the continent.

Identify IT needs in advance

The earlier you determine the kind of network infrastructure you will need to deliver maximum value to customers in a particular region, the faster you can start serving them. Again, partnering with IS can make this easier because we will ensure you are delivering with the best.

How Internet Solutions can help

Internet Solutions can help you put all the above into practice. You are joining forces with an expert local IT provider that can get your new offices off the ground.

Choosing IS as an IT partner gives you access to six operating offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, as well as 66 points of presence in 16 regional markets. IS connects international enterprises of all kinds to Africa through the largest managed services network on the continent. We deliver custom-made ICT services to the world’s telcos, financial, mining, petrochemical and FMCG giants, among many other clients.

Scale and flexibility

IS has 15 500m² of data centre space in Africa and abroad with 3 500 VSAT terminations with teleports. What does this translate to? The scale and flexibility needed to offer tailored solutions to enterprises of all shapes and sizes.


We understand that security is a top priority, which is why we guarantee a secure and high-performing service. Our investments in key infrastructure like Sat 3, Seacom, Main One, WACS and more allow us to offer real redundancy of service and security at an international standard.


IS brings more than 20 years of experience, partnerships and infrastructural investment to the table. We truly understand the needs and challenges of the various African markets and provide the full range of ICT products and services that businesses require to gain a firm foothold in business on the continent.

Take a look at the wide range of IT solutions in our portfolio for more information on how we can help with your expansion into new regions.

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