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Just as supermarkets rely on a complex road transport network to ensure that their stock is available on demand, businesses depend on an equally complex connectivity network to ensure that they are able to operate smoothly.

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In both cases, lags and inefficiencies can have a detrimental effect on performance, profits and the ability to expand. While we can’t speak to road transport, we can show you how the right SD-WAN product can revolutionise all three of these areas.

Legacy networks are lagging

Traditionally, an enterprise network has relied on a large number of hardware appliances, including routers, firewalls, Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation and many other devices. IT managers have had to deploy and manage these devices, and the overall network they support, across multiple silos and locations – without a central point of control. This has meant high levels of complexity, costs and downtime – and difficulty in supporting business growth.

This way of “doing” enterprise networks is no longer viable. Several factors make enterprises require more dynamic, reliable and simplified connectivity solutions: increasing levels of globalisation, ever-stronger calls for better speeds and flexibility and mass migration to the cloud. Companies that wish to remain competitive and relevant need intelligent, responsive networks to support their journeys. Enter CloudWAN, the latest enterprise offering from Internet Solutions.

Future-orientated network technology

CloudWAN is a cloud WAN solution with a difference.  It addresses evolving network fabric requirements while integrating the infrastructural investments enterprises have already made. It greatly reduces WAN expenditure, simplifies management and administration, boosts productivity and facilitates the growth needed to serve the customers of tomorrow.

In real terms, CloudWAN combines Software Defined-WAN (SD-WAN) technology with smart Network Virtualisation Function (NVF) to enable centralised, easy management of the enterprise network through a single, simple dashboard. The need for a huge collection of physical devices falls away: updates and changes can be pushed down to even the remotest of branches at the touch of a button.

There’s no need to deploy highly-skilled technicians, even when provisioning a new location. Thanks to zero-touch provisioning, the office can be online, and generating revenue, in a matter of minutes – no expertise required on-site. Previously, connecting a new branch to the WAN might have taken several months – and a lot of hassle. General maintenance can also be brought almost entirely in-house; the need to hire expensive external engineers falls away.

CloudWAN further reduces network OpEx (and bandwidth concerns) by opening up the possibility of connecting through less-costly links (goodbye, dependence on MPLS), leveraging all available options – including public broadband. If one link goes down, traffic simply gets routed through another – ensuring that the network stays up at all times.

When it comes to performance, CloudWAN makes use of dynamic traffic management to prioritise critical apps, so that what needs to get done, gets done – and on time. CloudWAN pushes down appropriate unified threat management and WAN optimisation network services for optimal, secure performance too.

These changes are significant: they remove limitations and open up room for expansion and evolution in line with the shifting global enterprise space. No matter the size or shape of your organisation, CloudWAN enables growth and the required speed and flexibility.

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