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Internet Solutions

When telcos first enter African markets, they may feel compelled to invest heavily in building network infrastructure.

Ensure success in Africa by choosing the right partner

It can be a struggle to find reliable telecommunication infrastructure, but there are less risky alternatives to going it alone. Partnering with an established provider that can demonstrate a commitment to the region ensures the highest likelihood of success.

Risks of the solitary approach

Economic growth and urbanisation in key African markets have been creating conditions that are ripe for investment, and players of varying sizes have been seeking to capitalise on this as they expand their operations across the continent. However, before deciding to make hefty investments in new infrastructure, telcos should carefully consider the risks and weigh up the alternatives. For starters, most underestimate the cost of building and maintaining that new infrastructure. They could also face regulatory requirements that carry their own costs, and market forces are often far more nuanced and fluid than they first appear.

Perils of the wrong partners

For these reasons, telcos have been finding success through partnerships with established local service providers. But such partnerships must be carefully considered as choosing the wrong partner comes with  its own dangers. An array of different partners across multiple regions also invariably complicates maatters with multiple contracts to negotiate, inconsistent services, SLAs, billing and reporting. The solution is to find a single partner with well-developed infrastructure with as much geographic reach as possible, along with earned expertise and established local partnerships.

The right telecommunication partner

Research should always be the first step when considering a partnership, and there are several important questions to ask. Is the provider well-established? What is their support service like? Are they keeping pace with the latest technology trends and developments in the ICT sector? Is their service or product delivery reliable? Any shortfalls in these areas are bound to impact customers and prove detrimental to brand reputation. A good partner should be able to guarantee first-rate service, reasonable prices, sound products and services, a high level of security and cutting-edge technology.

It’s recommended that telcos create custom-made offerings for clients to add value and protect brand identity. With a partner that offers a wide range of wholesale solutions to leverage, telcos have opportunities to bundle them, thereby creating unique offerings and bespoke solutions through which to drive differentiation.

The IS advantage

IS boasts one of the largest managed services networks in Africa, serving local ISPs and global carriers with infrastructure built through more than 24 years of investment. Six operating offices – in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria – with 66 Points of Presence in 16 regional markets, is proof of our extensive and well-established reach.

The advantages of working with such a partner translates into a significant competitive edge. For that reason, you should aim to expand your business by partnering with a telecommunication provider that can offer as many advantages as Internet Solutions.

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