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These most sought-after skills in IT right now will help make you the most employable candidate. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay, American computer scientist.

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The tech industry is a dynamic sector to work in because the industry changes as the technology evolves. Although IT skills can make you highly employable, this industry is becoming increasingly competitive. What skills are needed to make it to the top when it comes to IT? Online IT multimedia magazine CIO recently compiled a list of the most employable skills in IT right now. Here are some of the highlights:

What employers want

At the top of the list are full-stack developers. The best software developers have expertise in multiple languages or platforms. Having a knowledge of the DevOps role, quality assurance, analytics and design, has many advantages including cost efficiency and reduced time to market. It is not surprising that project managers are also becoming increasingly sought after in a world where big projects have to be delivered as efficiently as possible.

Skills needed right now

With high-profile security breaches like WannaCry and Petya making headlines recently, cybersecurity is a priority for every business, which makes people experienced in this field extremely valuable. Network administration professionals and network engineers are also sought after. Software skills including User Interface and User Experience development, are always in demand, as is the QA testing that goes with it. Cloud engineers also make it onto the list, confirming that this platform continues to be relevant. DevOps also makes the list as a bridge between the IT department and executives, ensuring that IT projects meet business goals.

Skills for the future

It has yet to be seen how Big Data can be fully understood and put to use, placing those with solutions for capturing and analysing data in an excellent position. Big Data has long been billed as the next big thing in fields as diverse as retail, healthcare and even linguistics and a knowledge of Big Data is set to lead to exciting opportunities in the future. Finally, the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence trend is shaking up the IT world with dynamic systems that can make real-time decisions.

There’s never been a better time to be part of the fast-paced world of IT. Technology is constantly changing our world and pushing the limits of possibility. As the list shows, there are many innovative ideas surfacing that will keep IT interesting for years to come.

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