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Internet Solutions views women as transformers in business and culture, and developing their careers is a critical component of today’s wider business landscape.

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We sat down with Karin Muthrian, Dedicated Service Manager at Internet Solutions, to get her take on fostering the role of women in IT.

Can you name an iconic IT businesswoman who has shaped your understanding of what women can bring to the IT world and why?

There are three women who have inspired and motivated me to do more, be more and chase the sky: Nisha Jivan, Renelle John and Shannon Ferley. Their tenacity, drive, passion for client-centricity and achieving more than what was expected of them makes them MY iconic IT businesswomen.

What do you think women need to accomplish to become trailblazers in their industries?

Be authentic, take the initiative and get involved in other areas besides your specific job function. It broadens your horizon and increases your knowledge of the industry you’re in.

Women in IT were conspicuously absent in the past. How have you seen the industry change and improve to create more opportunities for women?

I have seen this change in my own career. In the time I have been here, the opportunities I’ve been exposed to are shaping me into the woman I aspire to be. IS is doing that for me by investing in my development and growth.

What initiatives have IS put in place to invest in the future of IT businesswomen?

The Women’s Forum and training programme are available to empower women in their respective roles.

In what other aspects of the corporate environment should women be more involved?

Women should take on technical roles that have traditionally been filled by a majority male workforce.

Since you’ve been in the industry for a while, what advice would you give to the new workforce entering the IT world. What are the things you wish someone had told you when you started out?

Be a sponge, soak up the conversations happening around you. Interact, get involved and build relationships. I wish someone had told me that learning in the IT world would be this much fun. There’s something different every day, that’s what makes it exciting.

Do you have any additional comments to make?

Being a part of this ever-changing and developing environment has helped me to grow as an individual. As a woman, it has shown me that IT is everyone. I’ve been exposed to so many diverse cultures and given responsibilities that allowed me to leave my footprint in this organisation. The management I have worked with has supported, guided and taught me how to make a lasting difference in our clients’ lives. I am here to stay because this is #MyIS.

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