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Communication is a central part of corporate culture and when it isn’t working properly, it can have catastrophic effects. Nokia fell out of the market because they struggled to turn their good ideas into reality.

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Their communication model favoured unfocused decisions instead of a clear plan to bring new phones to the market. The same can be said for BP and their oil spill disaster. Key points around that situation can be attributed to poor communication and failure to share important information. Now that you know what could happen if you neglect your communication services, read our blog to improve communication in your workplace.

Strive for consistency and vision

A clear vision determines the company’s direction and articulates what it will and won’t do.  When businesses know their path it helps them to identify which ideas to pursue, and this focus puts less strain on scarce resources. A clear vision helps to drive employees and informs customers about your business. The vision communicating the brand’s personality will help you to setup a lean internal communication strategy. When there’s no strategy in place, things can quickly start to unravel. Employees may isolate themselves because they don’t know how to communicate with their peers, supervisors or clients, and a rift in the organisation may develop. A lack of strategy will also lead to insufficient processing and distribution of information.

Use the right communication tool for the desired result

Effective communication services within the company allow employees to tap into shared resources and in order to drive talent-sharing, companies need to enable company-wide conversations. It’s important to have a list of communication services to draw from, as each message will dictate a different medium. That is why we believe in mixing traditional communication services with communicating over the Internet: both are still relevant. Harness the power of effective direct communication using any one of our unique solutions. Explore them here.

For instance, large organisations that need to send out bulk messages that are more casual in tone can use an SMS such as: “Don’t forget our bring and braai this Friday”. On the other hand, if Susan in the finance department needs to clarify a client’s account, a quick phone call or email will suffice. Think clearly about which communication channels your business needs to facilitate better collaboration and message understanding.

Are you relying too much on a single communication service or too many?

Once you review which communication services are in use, you may find that your company is relying too heavily on a single one. Could you be missing a vital tool in your communication model? On the other hand,  too many platforms can overwhelm employees and cause a communication overload. If employees use instant messaging, Skype, an intranet service or email to communicate internally, the decision of which one to use in which instance can be confusing. Keep internal communication in one place using a single platform so staff can choose between sending an update to an entire team or a private message to a particular employee.

Improve call quality by using unified communications

Companies want a business phone system that extends far beyond the traditional dial tone service. Making use of unified communications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers businesses a single system to manage multiple tools. VoIP boosts efficiency when linked to unified communications services such as collaboration tools, social media networks and CRM applications. Using a single platform for a range of applications ensures nothing is missed,  meaning businesses are responsive in the digital economy.

Employees are freed from their desks by using a telephony system that integrates with mobile communications. For instance, a sales representative in the field can still receive and make calls from the company phone using their own device. Using our Communicator app and an Internet connection, the sales representative will be linked to all tools available on their mobile device. Making it appear as if they were everywhere at once. When your company makes use of unified communication, you can link multiple points of contact to provide a better customer service.

Businesses cannot thrive without effective communication, for more information on how to improve yours, read our guide.

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