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Internet Solutions

A business that wants to make a success of an international venture requires a host of strengths – not least of which is capable and reliable connectivity.

Organisations that are hungry for growth are expanding their reach across Africa, and they need a robust network to serve as the backbone of their enterprise. IS offers just that, and we’re now providing promotional rates on international VPN connectivity between South Africa and the UK.

The MPLS VPN advantage

Optimal performance across any organisation is only possible when the lines of communications stay open. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution gains pace, there is an increasing need for a network that can manage bandwidth-intensive applications and always-on, ultra-low latency connectivity. But in many regions, the costs associated with maintaining international connectivity at this level can quickly stack up and undermine profits.

An MPLS VPN bargain

To help companies make the most of their international ventures, we are now offering international VPN connectivity between South Africa and the UK at rock-bottom prices to reduce the cost of this international component of their WAN.

To take advantage of this promotion, your customers need a connection to the IS London PoP (Point of Presence) and the IS Cape Town PoP. The promotional rates apply specifically to international VPN bandwidth and are subject to feasibility.

The strengths of MPLS VPN

IS offers the most robust MPLS VPN network in Africa and delivers secure, reliable and easily scalable connectivity across the continent. As a fully managed service, you and your customers are free to focus on those things that matter most without worrying about the network.

With our sophisticated fibre-optic infrastructure, high speeds and low latency, resilience is assured on our international, national or local wholesale VPN network. It supports speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, and each VPN has its own routing and forwarding table in the router to ensure that your customers’ sites can only access the set of routes in that table.

Empower your customers with choice

Flexibility is a hallmark of our VPN wholesale connectivity solutions since we also offer different service-level options for local and global carriers of any size, which allows for hybrid deployment models. We also offer the ability to manage class of service to allow for prioritisation of the most critical data.

Our MPLS VPN network is closed off from the dangers of the public Internet with data centres on the MPLS backbone, and we use encryption in line with global security standards. Our meshed topography ensures that multiple failovers are always in place. And our telco-agnostic and resilient network aggregation for carriers ensures that your customers are always connected over just about any telecommunication network. Our skilled engineers are available around the clock to help if you encounter any problems.

Help your customers to reduce their connectivity costs and supercharge their networks with MPLS VPN from IS, and learn more about our VPN promotion.

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