Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions

Gift Lubele is a newly appointed business solutions intern. We got to know him during the IS crew induction as the one with the light-hearted banter and the friendliest of smiles. Here’s what he had to say about joining IS.

How did your first day measure up in terms of expectation vs reality?

This is my first corporate job and it has been perception-changing. I’ve worked at a few startups and always heard people bad-mouthing corporate workspaces, but it has been fun so far. It is nothing like the stories that I’ve heard.

What made you want to join IS?

I come from a very different background and am passionate about business and entrepreneurship. When I realised the importance of the Internet, and the role it plays on the African continent, I was excited to be part of an innovative company that’s doing really cool things in the Internet and connectivity space.

IS was one of the companies I had an opportunity to work at. I’m interested in what the company is doing – creating value and accessibility through Internet solutions. [Laughs] See what I did there?

What does the IS brand represent to you?

Innovation – and I’m not just saying this because I’m part of the family now. The more I find out about IS, the clearer it becomes first and foremost that this is an innovative company.

What are you most looking forward to about working at IS and your role in particular?

The people. At IS, you bump into the coolest people you can find – and they’re very clever. I’m excited to meet more people here and build strong working relationships. I’m excited about being able to work in the different business units in the company and bringing together all these experiences.

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