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The IS Parklands data centre in Parklands, Johannesburg, is the first data centre in Africa to be awarded the prestigious Nexcenter™ accreditation, which demonstrates its exceptionally high standards.

It’s a truly world-class, carrier-neutral facility that global carriers can benefit from through wholesale colocation.

Rigorous assessment

There are only about 140 data centres worldwide worthy of NTT Communications’ Nexcenter™ status as the requirements are particularly stringent. The NTT data centre standards consist of more than 300 items and all facilities must meet this rigorous standards checklist. It is informed by international certifications and operational best practice guidelines. Criteria include location, power, cooling and security, among others.

The location of the centre in Parklands was carefully chosen. It lies within a 10km radius of South Africa’s primary business districts in Sandton and the Johannesburg CBD, as well as the up-and-coming area of Rosebank – to allow for minimal latency. It offers international scale and as a carrier-neutral facility, the Parklands centre allows for interconnections between many different telecommunication and colocation providers. The Parklands centre has even received a vote of confidence from the Johannesburg Internet Exchange, which has entrusted its hosting to the facility.

Maintaining NTT standards

The Parklands facility is subject to annual audits to retain its Nexcenter™ accreditation. NTT inspectors visit the centre to re-examine it on a facility level to ensure that configurations are still optimal and the required standards are being maintained. They also re-examine it on an operational level to ensure that policies have been upheld.

Phase one of a large expansion project has recently been completed, bringing the centre’s total capacity to 572 racks and 2.2 megawatts of IT power. This prefabricated extension is designed to accommodate flexible modules catering for specific market needs, contained in a modern structure.

Successive modules will be ordered in configurations specifically suited to client requirements and are shipped from Europe with up to six months of lead time. They come complete with flooring, cooling and pre-installed uninterrupted power supply.

IS has designs on expanding its share of the colocation market in South Africa with a projected annual growth forecast of 12% to meet the growing needs of businesses, consumers and government agencies.

IS offers the largest managed services network in Africa with world-class scalable and tailored ICT services to serve multinational enterprises and global carriers. The prestigious Nexcenter™ accreditation demonstrates the value IS has to offer global entities seeking to expand into African markets.

To learn more, see our infographic which highlights our capabilities around the world .

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