Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions

Cloud computing makes it easier to efficiently deliver IT services to all businesses regardless of size and industry.Whether your employees are working from the office, home or during their daily commute, they need to have seamless, reliable access to company networks, information and resources.

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Not only do cloud-based solutions provide a more cost-effective way to maintain high availability for business applications, they also offer the reliability required by mobile workers, telecommuters or field-based teams. The reality is that your employees can’t successfully perform their jobs on the go if they don’t have access to the information they need. Failing to offer this flexibility and agility is a recipe for disaster.

Top tips for ensuring cloud continuity:

Greater productivity and long-term retention

Modern businesses must be able to easily and affordably meet retention and compliance requirements. Part of these data regulations include holding onto and securing data for a certain time period, which can prove risky and costly. With cloud continuity, data is backed up offsite and long term, which makes it easier for businesses to adhere to regulatory requirements without any hassles.

Reduce downtime with disaster-recovery-as-a-service

If you’re hosting data or apps in a virtual environment, you need a disaster recovery service provider that understands the challenges this approach could present to business processes and cloud continuity. By replicating and hosting physical or virtual servers using a trusted third party, you’re safeguarding your business if a catastrophe occurs  be it a malicious attack or an accident.

Cloud backup

When it comes to cloud continuity, it’s imperative to select the correct cloud backup strategy for your business. Whatever strategy you choose must handle the complexities that come with managing backup and recovery inside and outside your corporate network. With the right cloud offering, you’ll always be able to quickly recover important information when you need it.

Synchronise changed data

With seamless data replication, customers and users can enjoy a continued service and uninterrupted access. This distributed approach means that, as users work, these changes are seamlessly synchronised so all users can access the information relevant to their tasks at all times without interfering with the work of others.

With IS, you’ll have access to the top local and global cloud service platforms, all managed in one place. Our monitoring, managed hosting and connectivity services ensure your cloud environment delivers every time. Do you want to optimise your cloud solutions and services for maximum agility? We’re here to help. For more information about our offerings, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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