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To survive in today's increasingly digital economy, an organisation must possess the ability to run workloads in the most appropriate environment. It's for this reason that more enterprises are adopting multi-cloud strategies as a business priority.

In addition, the cloud strategy must be aligned with business objectives and increase operational efficiency.

Different cloud platforms can put a strain on internal operations if they aren’t managed properly. With a lack of an effective model to monitor each environment, your costs can easily rack up and end up being out of control and unmanageable.

How does one commit to multi-cloud infrastructure and avoid any complexity along the way? Enterprises must find a way to integrate various clouds into a single environment. The answer is crystal-clear. Make use of a software-defined network.

Software-defined networking to the rescue

Software-defined networking allows you to simplify the management of cloud connectivity while optimising network costs and accelerating cloud adoption. It allows companies to connect multiple clouds and destinations using a single interface. In other words, it provides companies with the capabilities to bridge the gap in connecting clouds with greater scalability, visibility and security.

For instance, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is becoming the primary platform for distributed companies. By using a single platform, enterprises can easily connect multiple cloud environments and interconnect data centre locations globally as their business expands. SD-WAN can be deployed internally as a managed service. This is preferred as SD-WAN providers are continually improving the functionality of their platforms with traffic identification and routing, increased network security and better-centralised management.

To scale across regions at a minimal cost and with the least amount of complexity, the underlying infrastructure must be robust and be a global network to support the software-defined network’s platform.

Deploy Managed SD-WAN

To further support multi-cloud networks, SD-WAN technology is expanding beyond the traditional hybrid WAN connectivity approach to enable application delivery where and when it is needed by the end user.

IS offers a vendor-agnostic Managed SD-WAN service. It is made up of cloud connectors to allow for network services to be virtualised, and for virtual machines to be moved between servers without manual intervention. The network essentially functions as a service on a single device, so all you need is one device at each location instead of a complicated arrangement of network hardware. This allows for unprecedented agility because companies are given the opportunity to enhance any existing infrastructure without disruption.

Create the network architecture of tomorrow, today.

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