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Co-location offers security, space and reliable power for critical hardware resources. Let’s unpack that, shall we?

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From a security perspective, a co-location data centre facility will have the latest technology and protection procedures in place to safeguard your data against everything from fires to power surges. With round-the-clock security, they’ll ensure that sensitive corporate information is kept safe from prying eyes. The reality is that accidents do happen, but you want to have enough safety nets in place to prevent them as best you can.

Want to expand your infrastructure to handle a new project? And then reduce it again once the project is complete? And want to do so without spending a lot of money on a bigger space and more technology? With a colocation facility, customised rack spaces mean that you purchase the necessary racks when you need them and scale up or down depending on your changing requirements.

When it comes to power – organisations need to have a plan in place so that an unreliable power supply does not impact operations. Colocation facilities have uninterrupted power backup and are built with state-of-the-art equipment to keep things running even when the lights go out. It’s their job to reduce the risk of downtime. And with many businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint, selecting a “green” colocation facility will drastically reduce the impact that your organisation has on the environment.

Selecting a colocation provider is a big decision for any business. After all, you’ll be putting your mission-critical information in their care.

So now that you know what a good colocation facility can offer your organisation, and how important selecting the right partner is, why should you pick an IS data centre over other facilities?

Here are our top 10 reasons:

  • Our world-class data centres offer customers content rich, high-density network facilities.
  • Our facilities are located across South Africa, Africa and abroad.
  • More specifically, we have eight data across South Africa, two in London and three in Africa.
  • To put that in context – we manage over 11,500m² of co-location space, running 14MW of power.
  • All of our environments are built in line with our Green Strategy.
  • As such, energy savings and power optimisation are essential.
  • Our facilities have fibre connectivity to the rack and are 10GB enabled to the core.
  • You can choose from standard racks, half and quarter racks.
  • Or you can opt for a customised vault solution, which ramps up to your individual power density requirements.
  • All environments are fully access controlled and our CRM system vets customers and provides escorted access through to your environment.

Want to learn more about how our data centre offerings can help you meet your business objectives? Take a virtual reality tour of our Randview Data Centre.

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