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Internet Solutions

ICT is a vital enabler for development in South Africa.

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How ICT can tackle business challenges in state-owned entities

ICT makes it possible to contribute to a dynamically networked world which will connect people to job opportunities, education, spark innovation, facilitate better service delivery and bring state-owned entities closer to citizens. Global technological trends are forcing all kinds of businesses to embrace partnerships with reliable ISPs to overcome challenges and focus on continuous improvements. How can ICT help to bring about improvements to state-owned entities in South Africa? Let’s find out.

Citizen-centric debates

South Africa is perfectly poised to become a leader in the ICT field and deliver solutions that help address business challenges in state-owned entities. Before this can happen, we must eradicate cumbersome and time-consuming processes that only serve to frustrate citizens. We need to give them opportunities to instantly discuss important aspects through mobile interactions or online surveys. Democratic South Africa’s first Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, was no stranger to this. He introduced the “Tips for Trevor” campaign where he invited all South Africans to put forward their suggestions on what they would like to see included in the country’s budget. With ICT at the forefront, we can accelerate information exchange for a similar idea.

The role of ICT in the health sector

Initiatives such as e-health will empower patients to take more responsibility for their own health. For instance, in South Africa, the use of cellphones allows tuberculosis patients to receive timely reminders to take their medication. Other uses of ICT in the health sector will open up a space where it’s possible to provide remote consultation to patients who need immediate assistance through telemedicine. It can further be used to improve the efficiency of administrative systems in healthcare facilities. Healthcare providers should leverage the power of ICT to support their key objectives: to provide quality healthcare and improve customer service. There is no simple solution that will work in all settings, so healthcare facilities must gradually introduce, test and refine their strategies.

How ICT will boost operational efficiency

With rapid advances in software, it will be easier to schedule and track work hours. Cloud-based software can be used to streamline tasks that take longer to complete. Streamline, optimise and automate internal processes to reduce delays, human error and red tape. Operational efficiencies will reduce costs and improve your bottom line. This will create an environment where it is easier to implement new measures, add value for the customer and improve their experience with state-owned entities.

How IS can play a role to apply ICT in your sector

Governments are now required to take on new roles of harnessing the power of information technology. For state-owned entities looking to take their operations to the next level, external assistance will put you in the best position to harness readily available ICT expertise, equipment and IT solutions to help you overcome business challenges faster. For more information on how we can assist the public sector, get in touch.

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