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If you’ve ever bought a property or looked at buying property, you probably would have heard the popular real estate agent mantra of “location, location, location”.

In the business space, the popularity of the cloud is forcing many IT managers to have some tough conversations about location. This can be a little confusing when one considers that a major benefit of the cloud is that your information is accessible from anywhere and at any time. Surely it doesn’t really matter where your servers are located?

Well actually, it does.

When businesses are looking for the right colocation provider, the location of the facility should be a primary factor that influences their decision.

Putting the location in colocation

Here are a few reasons why choosing a facility in your home region is the best option:

  1. Colocation can be intimidating if you’ve always done everything in-house. However, if the colocation facility is close to your offices, you can go and take a look at the facility to ease your concerns. Being close by also makes it possible for your IT team to visit the site if and when it’s necessary.
  1. With so many hacking and cybercrime incidents being reported in the media, no business can turn a blind eye to security. When your colocation facility is nearby, you can see the different security measures for yourself and how your provider is keeping your information and architecture safe. This also builds trust and allows IT staff to develop a good working relationship with your cloud partner.
  1. As certain compliance and governance standards come into play, organisations need to be careful about where they house their information. Certain industries are required to keep their information within the country’s borders, which means that choosing a local facility takes the hassle out of adhering to these rules and regulations.
  1. Simply put, closer proximity means lower network latency. And if your company’s applications and business-critical workloads have to travel a shorter distance, they will naturally perform better.
  1. The same applies for your customers. If most of them are close to the colocation facility, they’ll enjoy a faster and more reliable experience. Business executives can even take potential clients around their facility to show them how the operation is being run.

With all these considerations to keep in mind, it’s difficult to keep track of exactly what you do and do not need. To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a handy checklist on selecting a data centre solution to help you on your way.

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