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Internet Solutions

You need a high-performing, secure, wide area network with the agility to quickly adapt as your business requirements evolve, and you must accomplish this within a budget, right?

Going with the highest design specifications may meet and often supersede the business needs, but this can come at a cost. The high cost could jeopardise your profitability and put a serious strain on your core business.

Going with the cheapest solution may fall short when it comes to meeting the business’s requirements. Taking a risk on your network performance, reliability and security may result in reduced productivity and have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Simply taking the middle road may leave you with an extremely complicated solution that is difficult to manage. Hidden design elements that cut corners to reduce costs can come back and haunt you. You might even find yourself spending a lot more than planned to try and compensate for a poorly performing network.

There’s another way

  1. Understand your requirements in detail. Your overall network strategy may be sound, but we often consolidate requirements or plan for a worst-case scenario when designing our wide area networks. High-level planning alone may leave many gaps where potential efficiencies may be realised.
  2. Understand your primary drivers on a more granular level. Don’t be afraid to go into detail about the requirements and make sure that you understand the needs on a per-site level. The factors that drive your decision may not be the same for your head office as they would be for a remote office, or as they would be to maximise the productivity of a mobile workforce.
  3. Find a service provider that can offer you a “fit-for-purpose” solution, aligning your specific requirements with the most suitable technology – maximising the benefits and minimising the risks. Ensure that your service provider offers a fully managed solution that closely monitors your WAN performance and allows you to focus on your core business.

The managed WAN environment is very competitive. You can take advantage of this environment by ensuring that you engage with a provider who will consult you. A provider that will make an effort to understand your environment and how your WAN requirements impact your core business. They can then make recommendations on the best possible “fit-for-purpose” solution to meet your needs and maximise the value you get from your network budget.

Time to deploy

Get superior connectivity with our SD-WAN managed network solution. It simplifies the way you manage your network because it functions as a service on a single device. One device at each location is all that’s needed. The underlying CloudWAN technology uses an open architecture, meaning multiple appliances and applications will be compatible with the service.

This means much easier maintenance and upgrades as vendors introduce new network function capabilities. Best of all, this WAN solution leverages multiple public and private Internet links to ensure that traffic is routed with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

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