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Internet Solutions

Unified communications incorporate email, instant messaging, smartphones, landlines, fax and social media outlets to allow businesses to employ a less fragmented approach to communications.

And it can handle audio and video content. With this approach, businesses can access and manage their internal and external communications more efficiently.

Let’s take it a step further with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). This involves the process of consuming communication platforms via cloud-based software services. UCaaS features include enterprise messaging, online meetings, team collaboration, telephony and video conferencing and contact-centre capabilities. This includes interactive voice response, call routing and customer relationship management integrations. We can also offer clients call recording in the cloud to meet governance requirements. It’s easy for you to store, find and retrieve recorded conversations. And to help you manage your voice infrastructure, our telephony management system provides detailed reporting and analytics.

The significance of using VoIP

UCaaS services include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) so it’s a great place to start. Across the globe, people are seeing a shift from the use of traditional, voice-only call centre services to fully integrated and digitised customer life cycle management processes.

The transition is being driven predominantly by the need to deliver an exceptional customer experience to meet evolving consumer demands. As a result, contact centre managers realise that to meet these shifting demands, they need to deploy advanced omnichannel solutions that deliver a superior customer experience.

Our VoIP platform can also enhance your communication capabilities by enabling voice, data and other media traffic to converge on the same network. It can be used for unified communications, linking your PBX to collaboration tools, social media networks and customer relationship management applications in one omnichannel environment.

Web real-time communications have also increased in interest due to the convenience. Users can “click-to-call” from a web page or mobile app without taking the traditional route of picking up the phone to make a call. This trend is fuelled by the need to adapt, and businesses need to innovate and stay closer to customers in the face of digital disruption.

How UCaaS affects your business

Unified communications will make a huge difference in employee productivity as workers can seamlessly work across whatever medium they feel comfortable with. Voice, data and video will be consolidated onto a single (all-IP) network allowing you to effectively manage all communication networks. This set-up breaks down geographical, communication mode, device and user-accessibility barriers – allowing people to be reached easily anywhere, anytime. It will also improve customer interactions. Just think how it will help in instances of dropped calls and video conferences failures due to bandwidth issues. UC can easily step in here and demonstrate its capabilities of strength and market dominance.

Ensure proper implementation

Before adopting UC, be mindful that not just any provider can handle its application. Use a service provider like us. We possess the required expertise, strategic partnerships, experience and a well-developed infrastructure to offer you the best communication solutions for your investment.

Learn how to use the right communication tools to improve your IT department.

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