Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions

As markets mature and technologies evolve, wholesalers are embracing business models that deliver more value for customers.

In the past decade, technology has brought radical changes to the ICT game. The cloud has made “as a service” models feasible for everything from infrastructure to software, causing untold disruptions. Now wholesalers are finding themselves at a crossroads, under pressure to adapt and facing a choice on how to do so. Whichever route they opt for, the right partnerships will be key for them to truly embrace the opportunities of the future.

Pipes or platforms?

Many wholesale ICT business models can be categorised as pipes or platforms. Legacy wholesale connectivity providers tend to follow the pipe model where they provide a simple, linear service. In ICT, that means delivering access in the form of affordable connectivity. However, as the market for connectivity services matures, today’s wholesalers are increasingly finding the need to differentiate themselves by going a step further.

One way to do this is by offering bespoke end-to-end services that cover the broader needs of a digitally transformed business by leveraging the capabilities of partner providers and aggregating their service offerings while adding value with a personal touch. This more retail-oriented approach fits with the platform business model, and wholesalers can fully embrace it by creating their own sales portals. Their customers can compare prices and provision add-on services such as mobile distribution, cloud services or VoIP.

Personalised problem-solving

The personal touch is a key differentiator and often proves to be the secret ingredient in a winning formula. The array of choices available in the ICT space can be bewildering. Wholesalers are in a position to offer an unparalleled level of customer intimacy with tailored solutions to solve specific challenges in a highly targeted way with the most competitively priced solutions.

With greater customer intimacy, wholesalers can learn more about their customers’ needs and put that data to use to sell the most relevant products and services in carefully considered bundles. This opens up a world of possibilities for innovative ideas. Ultimately, in this complex environment, wholesalers have a valuable role to play beyond simply connecting pipes. They are problem solvers who can offer a wide range of choice and flexibility by leveraging partnerships that allow them to offer a broader range of services.

Choosing a partner

The right partnerships are essential for any wholesale solutions business to be successful in the long run. Ideally, any telecommunication service provider partner should be able to offer a variety of products and services, competitive pricing, reliability, robust security and a healthy level of investment in new technologies. A well-established telecommunication provider with a proven track record will offer all of these.

And Internet Solutions is just that. After 25 years of investing in the growth of our capabilities – from expansive infrastructure across the continent using cutting-edge technologies to industry-leading expertise  – our wholesalers gain a leading edge by standing on our shoulders.

To understand how, learn more about our capabilities around the world.

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