Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions

No company can survive without the use of computer technology and the IT staff that manage it. But IT is often overlooked as a critical business enabler due to the costs involved in implementing and maintaining an IT department. However, the growing trend of IT outsourcing can bridge this gap – more especially,  IT solution providers like Internet Solutions.

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Outsourcing makes good business sense

Businesses often cringe at the thought of outsourcing their IT infrastructure because they want to retain their autonomy and remain in complete control. But if you adopt this practice, you will not be shaping your IT department for the future. As more cloud services become available, businesses must ensure that the IT department is in the best position to support them and seamlessly integrate these services into one logical business process.

When the core focus of your business isn’t technology, it makes no sense to pour effort and resources into building and maintaining IT infrastructure, like a data centre. This investment puts unnecessary pressure on the business because you will have to recruit and retain a team of highly skilled IT professionals. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure gives your business access to top-quality talent at a more affordable cost.

Internet Solutions aids business expansion with less IT spend

Companies face a potential stall-out (sudden drop in revenue) when their businesses become too complex and they don’t have the necessary mechanisms to support that complexity. Growth stalling occurs when internal dysfunction slows down business operations and affects management’s ability to make rapid decisions. This is not the scenario you want your business to encounter. Companies are more prone to stall-out if they are not focused on their core function but on bureaucracy. Let us handle that bureaucracy for you. When your business expands into a new market, you need outside help because you want to be as prepared and as flexible as possible in uncertain times. You also don’t want your company to be burdened by services that might not fit your strategy in the near future.

Proactive maintenance and 24/7 support

Chances are your business revolves around fixing bugs in the system as they arise. This strategy negatively affects staff productivity. We offer our clients proactive monitoring of their IT networks with 24/7 support. This means issues can be dealt with before they affect users, which can lead to downtime. Our guaranteed service will deliver more than what an internal team can provide and allows staff to work with fewer operational disruptions.

Any form of technology is expensive, and making the wrong decision can lead to costly mistakes. With our extensive experience, we will help you make the right technical decisions when choosing IT solutions. Outsourcing with Internet Solutions is a good business investment because we have more than 20 years’ experience in this industry and have a significant Internet infrastructure across Africa. So start planning your investment today by using our five-step guide to IT department budget development

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