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Internet Solutions

We are well aware that if you invest in an LTE-A package, routers are often bundled with the SIM – we wanted to get away from that. Internet Solutions is now introducing SIM-only packages that will be available through our reseller programme. This means if your customers already own their own routers, they will be able to enjoy our LTE-A network by putting one of our SIMs in their existing router. Please remember, to ensure you get a great experience on the network, the SIMs will only work in certain authorised router types.

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What this means for you

If you take advantage of this deal, your customers will gain access to our “double the data” promotion, at competitive prices (this is one of the best offers in the market) and we don’t force them to use the data at certain times of the day, it’s available day or night.

Our number one priority is to provide a quality service that helps build a community of connected users. Take this case study for example, Cyber Influx (Pty) Ltd, a telecommunications service provider lost its Wi-Fi equipment to theft. This compelled Onesimus Malatji, the owner of Cyber Influx, to seek an alternative – and he found one with us. Thanks to our LTE-A solution, Cyber Influx can connect more users over our extensive and reliable network.

Our SIM-only package is an opportunity for Internet service providers to offer more with LTE-A. Find out more by having a look through our reseller page .

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