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Internet Solutions

From its first day as a young company in 1993, Internet Solutions’ mission has been clear: to enable the power and possibility of the Internet by creating for community, building for better and delivering with the best. As technology has evolved, we have kept pace to ensure that our clients receive quality solutions and an excellent service.

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As a Pan-African telecommunications service provider, Internet Solutions is at the forefront of innovation, providing complete end-to-end telecoms solutions to large public- and private-sector organisations, small and medium-sized organisations, global carriers and consumers. Internet Solutions has 15 500m² of data centre space and six operating offices across Africa and 68 Points of Presence in 16 regional markets. It’s safe to say we have the capacity to do more than just look after your business, we will help to propel you to new heights.

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Businesses that find themselves in a data-driven environment need the appropriate tools to keep everything in good working order. The cloud brings unprecedented business agility to any enterprise. Your business obligation is to deliver faster results with affordable, quality services so you can reduce the time it takes to complete work and improve your competitive positioning in the market. We offer a wide range of cloud services from cloud networking, cloud monitoring, cloud backup and the first-of-its-kind SkyLight – a cloud computing service that provides on-demand access to different local and global cloud service platforms.


The Internet offers businesses a range of benefits provided that they choose the right connectivity that is reliable and ensures online availability. You need the best solution to support your objectives and with our expertise, you can deploy a connectivity solution that meets your evolving needs.


With the accelerating demand to converge voice and data on a single network, unified communications are the way to ensure the optimal running of all operations. Our voice services are secure and reliable as they are hosted in our state-of-the-art data centres. Since we were early to the market with our data centre offering, you can be sure your information (especially that received over the phone) is in safe hands.

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As we’ve just mentioned, the security of our data centres is beyond doubt. But what begs the question is why your business needs it? Data centres are now seen as a key requirement and no longer an external facility for storage. Data centres have become a priority investment for improving the functionality of your business. Since no business can run optimally without reliable IT infrastructure in place, don't fall into the trap of thinking that downtime and interruptions to your operations will not hit your pocket.


Remember that you are putting your business at serious risk if you still have to be convinced of the importance of investing in security. A common misconception in the IT world is that just having a computer firewall is sufficient. Think about the WannaCry global cyberattack which deployed its ransomware via email and continued to paralyse computers because of vulnerabilities in the windows operating system.

Now if you were using PhishNet for example, you could phish users in your organisation to uncover vulnerabilities and find out which users clicked on the phishing link and who is using outdated software – all this will radically improve your security. Equip yourself with advanced security such as effective denial of service protection. The solution will detect when you’ve been compromised and notifies you immediately, you can also download a report with all the information you’ll need to identify and address your security weaknesses. We couldn’t be clearer, draft a security plan that will give you the capacity to recover quickly.

For more information on any of the above IT solutions, do not hesitate to contact us.No matter what your needs are, we have the network infrastructure, expertise and drive to put you on the road to success.

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