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Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions’ IP Transit equips service providers with a local or international bandwidth option with which to serve their customers.

Carried over our extensive carrier-grade infrastructure together with a resilient international network and supported by numerous peering partnerships, our IP Transit delivers fast and reliable Internet access for end users.

Dependable quality of service

IP Transit provides dedicated bandwidth for traffic destined for local or international networks, and economies of scale facilitate higher bandwidth levels to freely grow your business. ISPs can offer Internet connectivity that delivers the speeds and dependability that customers expect, while avoiding the need for investments in infrastructure and peering relationships.

The dedicated capacity, unshaped network traffic and guaranteed service levels of IS’s IP Transit means that your customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they will always have the required levels of performance to run sophisticated, bandwidth-intensive applications. Plus, as a symmetrical service with equal performance on uploads and downloads, your customers can make full use of cloud services like an off-site back-up solution.

Expert support

At Internet Solutions we ensure that our support teams know what they are talking about. They are expert engineers and are available around the clock to help you with any issues that may arise. We also provide a 24/7, proactive service with active monitoring of the traffic on all links.

A redundant network

IS’s local network is fully redundant owing to its mesh topology network ensuring it can always find an alternative path. For the international network, we use numerous undersea fibre-optic cable systems to ensure that service continues uninterrupted if ever there’s a breakage of an  individual cable. Traffic is always routed via the most efficient path, minimizing latency to be considerate of time sensitive systems or applications that are dependable on the underlying connectivity.

We aim to make the IP Transit procurement process as straightforward as possible – you simply choose the bandwidth and the transit service you need and we take care of the rest, billing you a flat rate for the service used. Upscaling the service as business requirements grow is a hassle-free process. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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