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Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions celebrated the dedication of its long-standing employees at the Long Service Awards Breakfast on 31 May 2018.

Winning cup

Internet Solutions Managing Director, Saki Missaikos, kicked off the event with a warm welcome and a speech that underscored the importance of staff to the IS brand.

“Our people are important because of the culture they create and the values that they demonstrate daily. You are the custodians of IS. You are part-owners of what IS stands for today,” he said.

Over a coffee and breakfast, crew received their 5-, 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-year Long Service Awards.  Some shared their special memories of their history at IS.

Farah Mather, Senior HR Business Partner, shared her nostalgic story of her first meeting with Saki.

“What I love about IS is the hearts of the people who work here. Saki had told us how he and a group of friends decided to do this thing called “the Internet”. He left his permanent job at a bank to pursue this dream, securing their first client, Nedbank. He told us that whatever it is, we should go for it, just do what your heart wants. I’ll never forget that.”

Three staff members, Marie Motshabi, Saras Subramoney and Neil Theron received their 20-year Long Service Awards, an enviable achievement in today’s changing work environment.

Marie recounted her journey at IS and remembers starting out as a switchboard operator, then moving to Client Services at Ignite, a company launched by IS focused on small and medium-sized enterprises in 2016.

"I have learnt a lot in my time with IS. There is flexibility to grow and evolve in the company," she said. She describes her team as supportive, caring and innovative. She added that for her, the IS work ethic and culture leans toward teamwork and professional excellence.

There were many rounds of heartfelt applause as crew members shared fun memories of their time at IS. This time of reflection was well spent with the swapping of tales, laughter and colleagues.

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