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Internet Solutions

IS crew networks successfully at the MyBroadband Conference. They all said the event was well worth the visit. The MyBroadband Conference attracted leading IT delegates from all over South Africa. Vanitha Rajoo said it was a great opportunity to connect with her clients. “They were happy to see us there,” she added.

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Sharon Ashe said her conversations with delegates had centred around our new competitive LTE-A offering for resellers. “Potential clients were also interested in learning more about our Rain partnership. We believe it is a partnership that works extremely well, Rain focuses on the network and increasing coverage and our focus is on ISPs.” If you are similarly curious, you can read this press release to find out more.

IS Wholesale creates amazing partnerships with clients and reciprocal businesses and our team was able to connect with them at the MyBroadband Conference. Sean Silverman said: “Besides our clients, many of our other partners were also present. Almost every stand buys from us, or we partner with them.”

Many of the delegates were particularly interested to know that we are carrier-agnostic. Shelley Brown said: “With the abundance of our connectivity solutions, we are carrier-agnostic. IS continues to drive its excellence through the principle of creating for a better community. We achieve this through our partnerships.” These partnerships tie together the whole community, not just local carriers, Shelley Brown adds: “Many consumers were asking how to get LTE-A to their homes, and this is achieved through our network of ISPs.”

Take a look at this video created by MyBroadband at their 2017 conference, featuring IS Wholesale Client Manager Sean Silverman.

Take a look at our wholesale solutions and get in touch with us if anything catches your eye.

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