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If there is an ISP conference, we’re sure to be there, no matter where it is held. Capacity Europe took place from 24-26 October in London. The event attracted well over 2 500 senior-level delegates representing more than 85 countries with a keen interest in the global carrier community – so this event was definitely one not to be missed.

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Greg Whitaker [ Wholesale: Sales Executive] and Murray Steyn [Wholesale Executive] represented Internet Solutions at the Capacity Europe event. We sat down with the pair to talk about the valuable insights they had obtained while they were there.

Mr Whitaker says: “We were situated right at the entrance, so a lot of people walked past asking, ‘What do you do?’ Our stand depicted our coverage, so we used it to visually explain what Internet Solutions is capable of.”

Take a look through a digital version of our network map here.

He adds that Africa presents rich prospects for business growth for international companies, but the reality is that international carriers are wary of investing in Africa without a trusted partner who is familiar with the landscape. That’s where we come in, we are a pan-African telecommunications provider with several years of experience in Africa. We have an extensive network reach across the continent and will share our insights with global carriers to help them tap into the potential growth that exists in Africa.

Mr Whitaker adds that Capacity Europe was a great platform for cooperative competition. “As much as they are our competition, we can still buy from them and vice versa. I believe we can work together to find synergies for success.”

Mr Steyn agrees. In fact, he has written a thought leadership piece on the topic. He says in the blog: “We should be figuring out how to make more collaboration work more often.”

Building an ISP requires a keen attention to detail and dedication. Both aspects that aren’t lacking at Internet Solutions. We provide 24/7 assistance and keep you informed about the state of your network. No resource is left underutilised in the pursuit of a reliable network. For more information on the benefits of having a local footprint, read our guide, Expand your business by partnering with a telecommunication provider. Your future is bright with us. Contact us to find out more about our Wholesale solutions.

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