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Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions is the proud owner of the first data centre in Africa to meet the stringent requirements of the NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) behind the Nexcenter™ brand.

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The Parklands facility, which lies within a 10km radius of Sandton and the Johannesburg CBD, was recognised for its world-class levels of service and technological sophistication.

International standard

The prestige of this accreditation is illustrated by the fact that there are approximately 140 Nexcenter™ colocation centres worldwide. To achieve it, an on-site inspection was conducted at the Parklands facility in which it was examined against more than 300 criteria. These included location, power, cooling and security, operations among others. The centre’s consistent levels of excellence, and its international scale and cost-efficiency, won over the NTT Com inspectors.

The Parklands centre is near Africa’s premier business districts, which ensures minimal latency. It is also carrier-neutral, meaning that it allows for interconnection between many different telecommunication and colocation providers.

These are all value points that translate directly into benefits for your customers and can be presented as incontrovertible evidence of our superior class of service. Internet Solutions is now raising the bar locally by applying the standards implemented across NTT’s global footprint to a South African context.

Annual audits

The Parklands centre will be audited annually to hold onto its NexCenter™ accreditation. Inspectors will re-examine it on a facility level – to determine whether configurations are still optimal and to check that the requisite standards have been maintained – and on an operational level, to ensure that policies have been upheld.

IS intends to continue growing its share of the South African colocation market as demand increases among government agencies and content service providers. A new addition to the Parklands centre will soon double its current capacity, bringing it to a total of 572 racks and 2.2 megawatts of IT power. This reflects on the future-focused thinking at IS, speaking to your customers as they seek future-proof solutions and services to carry them forward.

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