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There is plenty of talk about communication tools in the IT industry, especially on how they can be used to strengthen the entire company. The key to improving communications in your company is to integrate tools and platforms with a single provider.

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The worst you can do is to simply press ahead with communication tools if you don’t ask why they are being implemented. If you encounter problems later, you might already be stuck in a contract with no way of getting out of it. It’s best to build your communication infrastructure from the ground up.

Quality communication tools from Internet Solutions (IS)

Voice: A revolution has started in the workplace and digital transformation is its name. Unified communications (UC) plays an integral role in preparing companies for digital transformation because it supports communications with clients, suppliers and partners; makes it easier for teams to communicate; and streamlines business processes when communication tools are integrated with business applications.

UC brings together silo systems under a single interface. As a result, employee productivity, efficiency and customer experience will enhance collaboration. With this in mind, more people are turning to social communications, like video conferencing and instant messages, to exchange ideas and share information. You can use our UC platform to make and receive calls, join a chat group, be part of a video conference, and share your desktop so other people can see what team members are working on.

These tools can be used to set up a centre where employees can source expertise and work on complex problems in a more integrated manner. Our hosted voice services include pay-as-you-use cloud PBX, a fully hosted contact centre, and a platform for communication tools and applications that can be used on any device anywhere.

Audio conferencing: This solution is compatible with any telephony platform. The nature of calls can be highly confidential and with our audio conferencing system, which works from a secure platform, you can brainstorm a product launch with your international team. The audio conferencing system can be engineered to accommodate video, web conferencing and other communication applications. Your message will gain more traction and retention if you make it easier for team members to understand important information presented to them through engaging content and eye-catching images.

Email services: Managing your emails internally no longer makes IT sense. It’s important to remember that a company’s mail server is part of its infrastructure and companies can minimise the cost of doing business when this simple, yet often overlooked, communication tool is outsourced. We can provide a better service with a lot less complexity. While we’re working behind the scenes, you can still remain in control of your email solution by using our self-service portal. Here, you’ll be able to do everything from setting up mailboxes and email signatures to managing bulk email campaigns.

Improving your communication infrastructure will benefit the company and the IT department. IT managers who have a vested interest in improving this integral part of their daily work lives will improve communications between their team members and the people they support. For instance, users can now communicate their IT expectations in real time. Similarly, IT can help encourage users to meet their expectations. Read our guide for more information on how to amplify communications in your department.

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