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As businesses have moved into the age of digital transformation, SD-WAN has stepped onto the scene as the next generation of networking that promises greater efficiency and value for money.

SD-WAN is a perfect solution for businesses that operate in more than one location.

Some businesses choose to use the DIY model, which is to buy SD-WAN routing and network security equipment, then install and configure it themselves at each site. Last mile access must also be provisioned, often introducing multiple vendors and service level agreements. Add to this the complexity of troubleshooting and support for multiple sites, and your IT team could easily find themselves at the centre of an administrative nightmare.

It’s better to outsource

Most organisations already outsource their WAN due to the layers of complexity involved in delivering a positive WAN experience. Similarly, enterprises should opt to outsource their SD-WAN design, deployment and management. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a simplified way of configuring routers makes it appropriate to insource - even if you have a highly developed architectural design and engineering team, it’s not as simple as installing a few devices around your branch offices.

There are issues such as application architecture, latency sensitivity, firewalls, URL filtering and anti-virus to contend with. Again, you might require WAN optimisation, traffic balancing and optimal bandwidth management at the edge of the network based on user experience requirements. Robust carrier management capabilities must also be in place.

It’s safe to say that few enterprises will possess the internal resources needed to manage all areas of the network that are required. Service providers will be able to implement hybrid solutions that accommodate the enterprise's MPLS, broadband and LTE pathways. A service provider will have all the resources and equipment needed to optimise all of these options so that your network connections deliver superior performance.

Yes, larger companies might have sufficient IT resources and network infrastructure in place to successfully deploy an in-house SD-WAN, but the self-management approach might come with great consequences, especially given the nature of the project which is typically related to a broader digital transformation strategy.

The DIY SD-WAN approach still proves more of a headache to manage and support when you introduce additional complexities to the existing network.

Not all services are created equal

Now that you know that using a reputable partner is the best route, your next step is to choose the right one. SD-WAN services and equipment come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be faced with a marketplace filled with solutions wearing the “SD-WAN” label, but remember that not all SD-WANs are created equal.

You might come across distinct differences between services providers. For instance, some SD-WANs support more complex networks and multiple VPNs, while others are more straightforward to install and manage. It’s important to understand the options available to you before you make your decision, and to entrust your SD-WAN management to a partner with a proven track record.

What makes Internet Solutions’ Managed SD-WAN different

Internet Solutions is well-versed in handling complex and hybrid configurations in the network. Rapid network deployment is a reality with our unified, virtual, Managed SD-WAN solution. This solution integrates the infrastructure investments that enterprises have already made, reduces WAN expenditure, simplifies administration and facilitates the growth needed to serve future customers.

In real terms, Internet Solutions combines SD-WAN technology with smart Network Function Virtualisation to enable centralised management of the enterprise network. Say goodbye to an extensive collection of physical devices because updates and changes can be pushed down to even the remotest branches at the touch of a button.

Even your skilled engineers can simply set up site-to-site VPN remotely. Thanks to The Zero Touch Provisioning feature, a new office can be online and generating revenue faster than you think.

Expand your knowledge of our Managed SD-WAN solution by downloading our guide, SD-WAN: Buying advice for your business.

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