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Internet Solutions

Technology changes are hard to miss because they are all around us. The changes are coming so thick and fast that if you stop to catch your breath, you’re in danger of becoming redundant overnight. According to Saki Missaikos, Managing Director of Internet Solutions “...we must recognise that our ‘good enough’ networks are no longer enough if we’re serious about the transformative potential of a digitised humanity”.

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We are entering the third Internet era, and businesses need to be ready for cloud-integrated networks. Cloud integration creates an environment in the organisation that can meet the demands for data, automation of business processes and the anticipated widespread disruption. We offer sound advice on how to keep up with the latest IT trends.

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

BPaaS is a vertical business process that employs a cloud-computing service model. It’s  growing in popularity as businesses seek to optimise processes with fewer operational costs. This service is expected to grow further in 2017 as more enterprises implement cloud services to create a unified platform that streamlines workflows.

Be mobile-ready

Businesses are selling to the connected customer. Customers are constantly online, and have access to everything from your price list to product features. Customers can make spontaneous buying decisions or might need further nurturing. The point is that you need to have a mobile strategy in place. With unprecedented access to online choices, you need to ensure your business is the one that they choose. This can only be achieved through an excellent service that is integrated at all touchpoints of a customer’s interaction. Savvy CIOs need to turn their attention to a mobile strategy that is capable of meeting the needs of their connected customers.

Advanced security

These customers are aware of online threats  and expect businesses to have a security plan in place. However, according to Fin24 Tech, “South African businesses are ill-equipped to deal with emerging cybersecurity”, because there is a common misconception that having a firewall is enough. The rate at which cyber-related risk is increasing means that businesses cannot keep cyber criminals at bay with just a firewall. So CIOs must re-evaluate their security readiness and opt for advanced security, which is reachable in 2017.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

By now you will have heard about AI whether you’re aware of the subject or not. But what CIOs should be thinking about is how AI will change the business they’re in and disrupt the applications they use. At the heart of AI is machine learning (the ability to programme a computer to recognise patterns and predict behaviour to build models that will make informed decisions). This includes technologies such as deep learning, neural networks and natural-language processing. It’s every business’s dream to encompass more advanced systems that can operate autonomously. The key to achieving this is to feed machines with large amounts of data, and the best way to store this will be in the cloud.

Now that we’ve covered the juicy bits, it’s time to figure out how to help your business keep pace with this technology. We will  guide you every step of the way with our innovative and digitally aware IT solutions. For more information on the top IT trends of 2017 mentioned in this blog, you can read our IT trends report.

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