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Internet Solutions

For the first time in its 16-year history, iWeek – South Africa’s leading annual Internet industry conference – was held in the coastal city of Durban. iWeek brings together experts in the industry and gives them the opportunity to market to a core Internet audience in South Africa. iWeek’s aim is to provide a discussion forum and build a community of people who want to see Africa succeed.

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IS connects with delegates at iWeek

We asked Wholesale Client Manager Vanitha Rajoo, who represented Internet Solutions (IS) at iWeek, what she took away from the conference. She said: “I found that it was a great networking opportunity to interact with other local ISPs.”

Another Wholesale Client Manager who represented IS at iWeek, Sean Silverman, explained how he interacted with delegates. He said that when he introduced our wholesale solution to potential resellers, they were intrigued and wanted to know more.

He then explained our LTE-Advanced offering. IS has partnered with Rain to build a top-quality, next-generation LTE-Advanced offering to reassure Internet Service Provider (ISP) resellers that we have put in hard development work behind the scenes and that they now only have to concern themselves with deployment and client relations.

Thumbs-up for wholesale solution

It is interesting to see how we impact smaller ISPs and be a reason for the steady growth of their base. We want smaller ISPs to know there’s a place for them in the market and that they can compete with industry giants using the right provider to get them there.

ISPs are under constant pressure to offer their clients more than just connectivity – the ability to provide expert advice and negotiate competitive prices are equally important to remain in the forefront of their respective markets. This is why we have decided to adhere to recommended retail prices to afford everyone an equal opportunity in the market and to provide the ideal platform for small business development.

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