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Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions (IS) believes in the radical power of a diverse and talented workforce. We consistently sharpen our edge by enlisting the best in the industry.

And by keeping our staff fulfilled and engaged with their work, we turn jobs into growth journeys. Bradley Watson, Operations Manager – Carrier Services – Fibre, spoke to us about his IS story and how working with the team has transformed him as an individual and an employee.

Where were you working before you joined IS?

I worked at what became Bytes Technology for 13 years.

What was your first role when you joined IS?

Process and Systems Manager in the VoIS Business Unit.

Can you tell us a bit about your career journey at IS?

My journey evolved quickly from being Process and Systems Manager to taking over my boss’s position after she left IS – that of Commercial Operations Manager for the VoIS Business Unit. My team and I were responsible for huge migrations from low chip rate to VoIP services as well as taking on number portability, which was still new at the time.

The VoIS Business Unit evolved into the Communications Business Unit. I was then approached to head Core Fibre Operations in the Carrier Business Unit and we spent most of our time building up the metro network. This included building the facilities that supported it and ensuring that we monitored these sites at all times, especially during peak load shedding when uptime was critical.

What has been your main highlight over the years at IS?

Completing my Management Development Programme course in 2010 and helping to grow the IS metro network from about 30 nodes to about 350 nodes with 99.99% uptime.

What do you enjoy most about working at IS?

I enjoy interacting with like-minded people. Although it’s challenging, I like the fact that IS wants to evolve and stay relevant wherever possible.

What do you enjoy least about your job?

Sometimes the intense focus on detail takes away from the bigger picture, vision and value. At other times, the lack of focus on detail opens up the possibility of risk.

What have you learnt or gained over the years in terms of personal growth?

Stay relevant, embrace change and evolve. I don’t always achieve it, but it’s definitely something for which I need to keep striving.

What would you say to someone who wants to join IS?

Get all the basics right early so you have the time and freedom to automate repetitive tasks. Innovation and creativity are non-negotiable. Be open to change and challenges, be a team player and you will enjoy your career at IS.

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