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Internet Solutions

Global business bandwidth usage is growing to keep up with, and on top of, demand in response to the explosion of data today.

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True network convergence is a must if you want to properly aggregate your customers’ business-critical applications and services. What does this mean for you? As a service provider, you need to offer the best infrastructure and connectivity to your customers because standard connectivity just doesn’t meet the capacity, scale, performance and uptime of the communication applications your customers want to use. Up your game with the MPLS VPN solution. Use this blog as a guide to inform you about what you need to know.

We meet the needs of customers and industry

Our MPLS VPN service allows our clients to build an any-to-any MPLS VPN network over physical access, using a logical, meshed network architecture. We enable your customers to prioritise and direct traffic through a reliable and secure connection that can scale from local to global reach. The MPLS network infrastructure we deliver is cost-effective, flexible and easy to administer. Be prepared to meet your customer’s high demands instantly with an advanced network that is ready to deliver tomorrow’s rich, bandwidth-hungry applications today.

The benefits of our top-notch service

Extensive reach and reliable network: We connect global carriers, local carriers and international and domestic ISPs in Africa through the largest managed services network on the continent – giving us the reach to expose users to Africa and Africa to the world. We have 66 points of presence in 16 regional markets that are all configured in mesh network architecture for continuous service delivery, as seen in the image below. This image simply depicts the traffic flow of the network. If the line is not working from A to B, the configurations in the design will allow the traffic to move elsewhere thereby ensuring low latency.

Scalability on the network: MPLS VPN networks are highly scalable. This enables you to  only provision and pay for what you need. As your requirements change, it makes it easier to add or reduce bandwidth capabilities.

Superior customer service: We have a team of responsive, technical experts who are on call to keep you informed about  the performance of your network and help with any queries. As a fully managed service provider, you can transfer your operational, technical and commercial risk management to us. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong, we’ll soon have it up and running with your customers barely noticing the interruption.

The five customer service promises we uphold:

  1. Keep customers informed
  2. Be responsive
  3. Be agile
  4. Be scalable
  5. Be available

Track your service performance usage: Our self-service portal helps you to keep track of usage and trend reports, log service requests and validate services to ensure you are fully aware of your customer’s service performance needs.

High security: MPLS VPN ensures traffic engineering. This means that users outside your VPN will not be able to interrogate or manipulate the traffic. Data is also encrypted in line with global MPLS VPN security standards. The service is also delivered through a combination of quality of service and class of service parameters, meaning mission-critical data gets priority over others.

As a partner, we aim to help you extend your reach and expand your service offering by reducing your operational complexities and optimising costs. Our aim is to be your trusted partner of choice by equipping you with all the necessary services to speed up your time in a clustered market. Partner with us because we deliver with the best. For more information on this wholesale connectivity solution, get in touch with us to find out more.

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