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Internet Solutions

IT is very demanding and can become a headache for the people in charge of ensuring that employees have access to their emails, systems and servers 24/7. It also needs detailed attention and resources devoted to maintenance that can prove to be time-consuming and expensive. Outsourcing IT management can free up resources and give you much-needed breathing space to devote time and effort to strategic initiatives.

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Outsourcing is an innovative investment

Outsourcing is growing in popularity for more mature industries such as IT. According to Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey, the chief driver for outsourcing IT management has always been cost reduction, but it is increasingly being seen as a vehicle for innovation. This means that outsourcing IT management is being considered not only for tech-heavy companies, but for enterprises looking to improve their service delivery.

Improve the quality of your business

The minute you decide to outsource your IT, you immediately gain access to specialist expertise and capabilities. Your return on investment is far greater when you capitalise on our infrastructure. Instead of relying on the knowledge of a few, you will have many hands on deck dedicated to improving and optimising your IT environment. It may not only be a case of expertise, often businesses experience an ageing IT infrastructure that could be better managed by an evolving provider under the supervision of the company’s IT department.

It’s business as usual

The world revolves around dependence on data, servers and technology and when that’s not working, it can have dire consequences on the business. When you put your IT infrastructure in our hands, we promise to deliver robust uptime. You need a network provider that can keep up with your increasing data use in running your business applications, systems and services so you can continue with business as usual as we work hard behind the scenes to ensure that the wheels are turning.

Infrastructure that moves with your business

The benefits of delivering an agile environment to our clients include a rapid delivery of measurable outcomes and the ability to focus on top priorities first. Businesses hosting their own IT infrastructure often pay for what they don’t need because they keep resources in reserve for the day they will need them. Yes, businesses need resources in reserve to grow comfortably when the time comes, but they don’t have to be burdened by the upkeep of it. We can have all resources readily available when you need them.

Keep your critical information safe

The explosion of digital technology has brought with it a wide spectrum of opportunities for businesses, but also, the threat of breaches. According to the PwC crime survey, 32% of South African businesses have reported being affected by cybercrime (which is in line with global statistics). Cybercrime is a growing industry with cybercriminals who possess the ability to execute professional-level threats. In light of this, your business needs the best security to counter these attacks . We have a wide range of security tools to choose from including breach detection, security for your corporate network and application-based firewalls. Have a look at our security tools in more detail.

Outsourcing IT management with a trusted ISP like Internet Solutions allows your business to capitalise on market changes, be more cost-efficient and operate more effectively using our dynamic IT solutions. To start planning your move, read our guide to successfully migrating to a managed IT service .

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