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Internet Solutions

Experts say the future is wireless and they call LTE-Advanced the future of wireless Internet, which means that this technology is paving the way for a new age of connectivity

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Partner with IS to connect your customers with LTE-A

With that in mind, Internet Solutions is embracing this limitless potential to deliver our next-generation LTE-A network.

There is plenty to gain from joining us on this journey. And partnering with IS as a reseller is one of them, since we take care of the hassles and the risks. Even ISPs with extensive experience and substantial capital resources to install new infrastructure can reap the benefits of collaborating with an industry partner that’s already active in a targeted location.

We take care of the admin

Internet Solutions carries most of the load – leave the network maintenance, billing, distribution and second-line support to us. This leaves our resellers free to focus on delivering customer service and driving sales instead of getting tangled up in technical and administrative issues.

We know that resellers understand their consumer markets best, how to take our products to those markets and reach customers. You don’t need to know anything about running a network – that’s our area of expertise. You can leverage our balance sheet while entrusting us with the responsibility of ensuring our network’s integrity, the reliability of our services and the timeous and accurate billing of your customers.

Internet Solutions bears the risks

Our wholesale partners can rest easy because the burden of risk lies with us, not them. For example, if a truckload of hardware components fails to reach its destination for whatever reason, it wouldn’t affect our resellers in any way. We will replace the stock and take the knock.

In fact, because IS has been exposed to so many risks in our operational history, weathered many storms and overcome several hurdles, we are now better placed than ever to mitigate and manage those risks. We learn from our experiences and we apply those lessons throughout the business.

Plus, the sweeping scope of our operations affords us a uniquely broad level of insight which enables us to foresee problems that would blindside others. An issue like faulty stock delivered to one location can be addressed early, at the source, before that batch is distributed to other locations.

Strength through experience

Over 20 years of experience and infrastructure investment means that we are firmly placed on the continent with a solid understanding of the varying regulatory requirements and logistical challenges across different markets. Our infrastructure partnerships are carefully considered and we only partner with trusted in-country service providers. We understand patterns of data consumption and consumer demand and strategise accordingly.

IS possesses more than 210 Gbps bandwidth of capacity over West and East African coastal cable systems. Our investments in Sat 3, Main One, WACS, Seacom, EASSy, TEAMs and SAF ensure redundancy of service and security on an international level.

Available packages

The range of twelve LTE-A packages offered by IS allows consumers to choose a solution that suits their needs. There is also a SIM card-only option for those who already have a compatible router. Data packages range from 25GB to 330GB , and there is a choice between the Huawei B315 router or the dual-band Huawei B618 router.

By embracing LTE-A, you can offer your customers fibre-like connectivity with all the convenience of a wireless setup at competitive prices. And with the availability of such great wholesale connectivity solutions, it makes good sense to become a reseller.

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