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Greg Montjoie Head: Internet Access/SDN

We no longer need to imagine a network that can be programmed in real-time to offer personalised, flexible and on-demand connectivity. This is now a reality thanks to Software Defined Networking (SDN), which, in this past month, Internet Solutions has been able to trial with clients. This is in preparation for a full-scale commercial launch planned for 2016.

With an SDN architected wide area network (WAN), we can now adapt our network more easily to the real-time requirements of our clients through software updates. We no longer have to physically configure each piece of hardware to roll out network changes. These requirements could be anything from data centre replication and backup, catering for increased speeds and data during month end activities, increased requirements for new services or even accommodating for a rich media push to your employees during a company update.

The ever increasing IT resources traditionally needed to handle processes such as provisioning, configuration and remediation are no longer required as they are all automated. This drives efficiencies in operations as well as resource allocation and management.

SDN allowing clients to fully realise the potential of Cloud

At Internet Solutions, we believe SDN is here to stay. The wide-area network (WAN) is an intrinsic component of cloud-based services and having built a WAN based on SDN architecture, our clients will be able to fully realise the potential of cloud. Given the increasing demands of the end user and their expectations with regard to services and applications, SDN will not only deliver a better quality of experience and a shorter time to market for innovative services but also network efficiencies, all due to the fact that the network is programmable.

SDN will continue to evolve, which is the case with all technologies, and we will continue to see even more automation. More automation will mean a further reduction in downtime, increased data resiliency and it will make disaster recovery planning more effective. SDN will allow organisations to accelerate application deployment, make their cloud networks more flexible and better align their IT infrastructure with business requirements using SDN as the platform for all orchestration and IT workflow automation solutions.

Having a network that can handle the demands of users creating and consuming increasing amounts of data and content, will continue to be our focus. We are all consuming more and more content and in fact, we are demanding that it becomes available to an ever increasing number of devices. Networks need to be able to handle increasing traffic loads and satisfy growing performance expectations.

If you want a demonstration of SDN please contact your Client Manager. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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