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Internet Solutions

The arrival of SD-WAN solutions in Africa has the potential to redefine the business landscape on the continent, narrowing the digital divide and tapping into new commercial opportunities.

Business IT networks in Africa are being reinvented by SD-WAN, which has proved to be a boon for enterprises looking to save on costs and to maximise agility without sacrificing performance.

The new face of networking

The growing expectations for constant connectedness and corporate information availability on any device means that corporate networks are growing and becoming more complex. As the need for real-time applications and rapid data availability continues to grow in Africa, the necessity for capable networking solutions grows with it.

Software-defined wide-area networking solutions facilitate flexibility for businesses via application-based services and managed cloud-based IT, which is often less costly and offers consistent levels of quality. In essence, software-defined networking uses software to enable a faster, smarter and more cost-effective means of building and managing long-distance networks.

A key advantage of SD-WAN solutions is the way in which they make network management so much simpler. With SD-WAN from IS, your customers can manage connection, configuration, security, usage and other policies through a centrally managed cloud controller.

This means that customers can avoid the labour-intensive exercise of configuring new sites individually on complex equipment. They can set up virtualised services remotely to add new branches to the network, reducing network setup and management and maintenance costs while freeing up IT resources. An SD-WAN solution also allows for on-demand traffic optimisation for your customers to prioritise network traffic, thereby supporting user preferences for connectivity on any device or platform.

An agile SD-WAN solution

With wholesale SD-WAN from IS, your customers can capitalise on cloud connectors that decouple virtual networks from their physical counterparts. With this virtualisation of network services, they can move virtual machines between servers without any manual intervention. This affords a high degree of agility for businesses, a quality that has never been more valuable, with the ability to rapidly implement changes and enhancements on the network without disrupting existing processes.

This can also reduce your customer’s expenses in multiple ways. SD-WAN from IS leverages multiple public and private Internet links to route traffic with the highest degree of efficiency. Your customers can also avoid the expense of provisioning extra hardware to upgrade services, utilise direct connectivity without the need for server racks and focus your skilled engineers on other business critical projects.

Consider the opportunities you can tap into by offering next-generation networking solutions. You can begin by mapping the telecommunication landscape in Africa.

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