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Internet Solutions

If you’re looking at the SD-WAN market, you might be fooled into thinking that you’re spoilt for choice. But there’s a subtle inability to provide more than one solution with a single venture.

It’s apparent that many telecoms companies in the industry talk a good game. But what we do is real – and it works. We have an impressive number of clients and years of real experience to prove it.

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Our SD-WAN product was developed in 2017, thanks to a close partnership between Japanese telecommunications giant NTT; the NTT Innovation Institute Inc (NTT i³), a prominent Silicon Valley innovation centre for the NTT Group; and Internet Solutions. Having engaged in numerous R&D cycles of underlying SD-WAN helped us to gain exceptional insights into how it all works. Since then, our client base has continued to grow and we now have 900 fully operational SD-WAN sites across multiple verticals.

Multi-vendor approach

We know that each business has unique requirements, which is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits all technology. Ours is a multi-vendor approach because we believe in harnessing the best of the different vendor capabilities to provide clients with fit-for-purpose solutions based on their security, automation, orchestration, breakout, application and carrier requirements.

Depending on your business’ requirements and stage of adoption, our portfolio includes Cisco offerings with Meraki and Viptela, Fortinet and NTT’s CloudWAN. IS also handles niche requirements i.e. more security in your network.

Meraki is ideal for:

  • Businesses that already have a cloud strategy and are looking for a local Internet breakout and application acceleration (a way to prioritise business-critical or latency-sensitive apps);
  • A business that’s in a state of transition from traditional networking to SD-WAN and looking for increased agility;
  • Businesses searching for a way to augment their existing network; and
  • Businesses that want to take on a tier-modular approach to security. In other words, you decide how much security is needed.

Fortinet is ideal for:

  • Businesses in need of a carrier-agnostic network;
  • Businesses looking for a strong focus on security. Fortinet has built its WAN capability on top of its security; and
  • Businesses looking to leverage their existing Fortinet appliances to bolster their WAN capabilities.

Viptela is ideal for:

  • Businesses that require a bespoke, fit-for-purpose solution;
  • Businesses that have very specific router-hardware requirements because this solution offers more functionality on a granular level;
  • Large, complex organisations such as multinationals; and
  • Businesses that need to orchestrate and automate complex functionalities.

CloudWAN is ideal for:

  • Cutting down on the complexity of enterprise networks;
  • Reliable application performance; and
  • Businesses with a focus on edge computing.

A closer look at our service

Along with the range of SD-WAN options we provide, Internet Solutions offers an extensive range of last mile choices through our partnerships with 13 open-access carrier providers. We manage everything on your behalf, eliminating the difficulty of dealing with multiple providers and companies. We don’t want you to even think about the nitty-gritty.

SD-WAN is exceptionally good at simplifying network management using cloud-based software and technology, so your business can achieve agility with ease.

For many clients, SD-WAN is part of their transformation journey. Wherever your company is on its journey, our hybrid-WAN approach enables you to deploy SD-WAN at smaller sites, test and incrementally further the footprint.

So what are you waiting for? Why not give our connectivity solutions a try? If you still want to do a little more homework, download our guide: SD-WAN: Buying advice for your business.

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